The Government distributes 33.7 million units of protection material among the Communities

The most numerous items are those referring to masks with nearly 61.5 million units, followed by nitrile gloves with almost 28 million units and rapid diagnostic equipment, extraction kits and polymerase chain reaction ( PCR) that exceed 4.2 million units.

The Government of Spain has also distributed to the 19 autonomous communities and cities almost 750,000 units of leggings, aprons and other accessories, more than 627,000 divers, more than 495,000 units of hydroalcoholic solutions, 313,500 disposable gowns and almost 218,500 protective glasses.

The Autonomous Communities that have received the greatest number of materials are the Community of Madrid, with about 23.2 million units, followed by Catalonia with more than 19 million units and Andalusia, which exceeds 8.8 million units of materials. toilets.

For the distribution of these more than 96 million units of sanitary materials against COVID-19, the Government of Spain, through all government delegations and subdelegations, has the collaboration of the Army, the National Police, the attached units the National Police Corps, the Civil Guard, the various autonomous police forces, and the Customs Surveillance Service, the Port Police and members of the Border Inspection Points (PIF).

Likewise, the Government has the involvement of all the provincial councils and all the local entities of the country and their police, the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP), the island councils and councils and the help of Spain's Civil Protection, Spanish Red Cross and the non-profit association 'Detente y Ayuda' (DYA), among others.

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