The Executive Committee of the Popular Party of the Canary Islands has unanimously approved today, at the proposal of the regional president Australia Navarro, the new structure of the popular in the Archipelago, which has been made up of men and women from the eight Islands.

In the opinion of the leader of the popular, this new Directorate (with about 40 organic positions plus 22 elected members and born members), “opens the doors to knowledge and participation, and balances the solvency that talent brings with the working capacity".

In this sense, Australia Navarro emphasizes that the youth organization of the popular, New Generations, “will have a prominent presence in the Regional Directorate, since modern political action requires both experience, as well as the thrust and critical vision of young people” .

Containment dam

During the press conference after the meeting, the president of the PP of the Canary Islands said that the main objectives of his political training are "to be the dam to contain the waste of the left and consolidate as its main alternative in the center-right Canary" .

Navarro stressed "the demagogy and goodism of the left-wing governments in the Canary Islands, and that lead to the crisis, unemployment and failure in the management of essential public services."

In this regard, the popular president stressed during the Executive Committee that “the PSOE and its populist partners return to the streets with the usual recipes on the left: greater fiscal pressure, interventionism, family control by the Administration and less freedom for the whole of the canaries, to those who want to touch the pocket again ”.

Therefore, Navarro announces that the Popular Party "is going to do a very intense job in each neighborhood of the Canary Islands, and a firm, constructive and relentless opposition to this government that has become a threat to the welfare of the Canaries."

Structure and appointments

The new structure approved today has 5 Deputy Secretaries on which 6 Secretariats depend on each of them. A) Yes, Pedro Suarez, has been appointed general secretary and Assistant Perez regional coordinator

– Deputy Secretary of Organization: Carlos Esther.
– Deputy Secretary of Sectorial: Reverón light.
– Deputy Secretary of Social: Josefa Luzardo.
– Deputy Secretary of Participation: Francisco José Aparicio.
– Deputy Secretary of Studies and Programs: Jorge Rodriguez.

In addition to the 30 executive secretaries (six for each Deputy Secretary) he has also been appointed Manuel Dominguez as president of the popular group in the Parliament of the Canary Islands and Poly Suarez as spokesman-deputy of the same, as well as Gabriel Mato as president of the Electoral Committee and María del Mar Arévalo as president of the Rights and Guarantees Committee. For his part, the president of New Generations of the Canary Islands, Alejandro Sánchez, remains a born member of the Steering Committee and the Executive Committee of the popular.

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