The Benjamín A, winner of the Tournament of Champions

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NEWS | 06/16/2019

The Whites beat Atlético de Madrid (2-0) in the final.

The Benjamin A won the Tournament of Champions of its category after defeating Atlético de Madrid in the final with a double Nacho, in a competition held in the soccer fields Ernesto Cotorruelo. The Whites, who lift the title for the third year in a row, dominated all tournament matches and only received one goal in all six games. This was the way to the final:

Group stage
Benjamin A-Adarve (2-0)
Benjamín A-San Blas (2-0)
Benjamín A-Parque Sureste (5-0)

The subsidiary began by winning the Adarve with goals from Matthew Y Raul, and San Blas with so many Enzo Y Sergio. The Whites closed the first phase with another new triumph. Sergio (two), Raul, Enzo Y Tottó signed the goals against the Southeast Park

Quarter finals
Benjamín A-Leganés (3-1)

In quarters they defeated the Leganés with so many Raul (2 and Nacho.

Benjamin A-Unión Adarve (6-0)

In the semifinals, the Whites thrashed the Union Adarve 6-0 with three goals from Enzo and goals Nacho, Sergio Y Raul.

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