Attention book eaters! We know that on summer days you read at a good pace and any book is short, long and wonderful as it is.

Since we want you to enjoy this well-deserved rest and we do not like the idea that you run out of stock and face the reading panic of "not having to read" … we bring you a magnificent shipment of trilogies and literary sagas that you will not be able to unhook this summer. What will be your choice? 😜

1) Bevilacqua series, detective novel.

If there is one thing we like in detective or police series, it is those character duets that are like ying and yang, those characters that contradict but complement each other. And those of us who want to read case after case, no matter how complex and obscure the mission they face.

That happens to us with the saga of the great Lorenzo Silva, starring the unforgettable Bevilacqua and Chamorro. Recently the new case of the agents came to our bookstores and… well… we can't stop reading ‘Corcira's evil’.

A middle-aged man appears naked and brutally murdered on a lonely beach in Formentera. According to various testimonies collected by the Civil Guard of the islands, in the previous days he had been seen in the company of different young people in gay venues in Ibiza. When his bosses call Bevilacqua to take care of the investigation and inform him of the peculiarity of the dead man, a Basque citizen convicted at the time for collaborating with ETA, the second lieutenant will understand that this is no longer a case.

We will only tell you something. "Lorenzo Silva portrays the Civil Guard with a care similar to that of Le Carré when he writes about British espionage." Antonio Muñoz Molina comments. Are you really not going to dive into the murky waters of Bevilacqua and Chamorro this summer? 😏

2) Shadowhunters, fantasy.

A summer without adventure is not a complete summer. So fans of fantasy and magic can not resist giving themselves a good saga. And we with them, of course. Why Cassandra Clare She is the author of one of the most successful youth series in recent times, a saga that accumulates as many volumes as loyal fans who are waiting hand in hand when a new book is announced.

So we are going to take advantage of this summer to catch up with de Shadowhunters ’. If you do not know it yet, these are the basic data that you should know. 👇🏼

At the Pandemonium, New York's hottest nightclub, Clary follows an attractive blue-haired boy until he witnesses his death at the hands of three young men covered in strange tattoos. Since that night, his destiny joins that of those three shadow hunters, warriors dedicated to freeing the land from demons and, above all, that of Jace, an angel-like boy with a tendency to act like an idiot …

36 million readers cannot be wrong. 😉

3) Trilogy of the White City, thriller.

The myths and legends of Álava, archeology, family secrets and criminal psychology draw the absorbing plots of this trilogy formed by 'El silencio de la ciudad blanca' (2016), 'Los ritos del agua' (2017) and 'The lords of time' (2018).

The protagonist of these thrillers, the young inspector Unai López de Ayala —alias Kraken— will try to uncover some ritual murders that terrify the city and that in the last installment are intermingled with a historical plot. As it says David Zurdo in What to Read: «If you want to enjoy and suffer with a book –enjoy the hypnotically interesting and suffer for not being able to read more quickly–, your novel is The silence of the white city».

4) Baztan series, crime novel.

Inspector Amaia Salazar returns to the Baztán valley, from which she has fled her entire life, to investigate the appearance of the corpse of a teenage girl. This dark novel and fast-paced trilogy, consisting of formada The Invisible Guardian ’(2013),‘ Legacy in the Bones ’(2013) and‘ Offering to the Storm ’(2014), is only suitable for suspense lovers.

And if you fall in love with the protagonist who gave us Dolores Redondo do not miss the last part of the Baztan series, ‘The north face of the heart’, a trip to the past of Amaia and to the origin of “the composer”. Are you really going to resist this phenomenon?

5) The Invisible Girl Trilogy, youthful.

Blue jeans, alias of Francisco de Paula, is a literary reference and on social networks, where he joins a legion of followers. His trilogy The Club of the Misunderstood marked a milestone in children's and youth literature. Now he returns with the same talent and more desire if possible to consider a series full of mystery that we will not be able to part with.

It all starts with Aurora Ríos, a girl who is invisible to almost everyone. The events of the past have made him isolate himself from the world and that he barely relates, fed up with the inhabitants of that town talking behind his back. One May night her mother doesn't find her at home when she returns from work. Aurora will appear dead the next morning in her high school locker room, with a blow to the head and a compass that someone has left next to her body. Julia Plaza, her classmate, will become obsessed with finding out who is hiding behind the crime.

The trilogy is composed of the volumes ‘The Invisible Girl’ (2018), ‘The Crystal Puzzle’ (2019) and the last part, ‘Julia's promise’, which was published this 2020. Get hooked on this thriller and discover why Blue Jeans has thousands of readers around the world.

6) María Oruña Series, police.

Maria Oruña It has no readers, it has fans. And is that his book series formed by escond Hidden port ’(2015),‘ A place to go ’(2017) and‘ Where we were invincible ’2018)– you It will captivate not to let you go.

In its pages we discover the story of Oliver, a young Londoner with a peculiar family situation and a sad loss inherited by a colonial house on the Cantabrian coast. During the remodeling works, the corpse of a baby is discovered along with an element that is completely anachronistic. And crimes begin to occur in the area. Thus begins a police investigation that will immerse Oliver in a dense personal journey and a race against the clock to discover the murderer.

In the following episodes of this series – which, by the way, you can read without any specific order – new murders and new anachronisms question reality beyond what seems possible, along with new characters who will try to restore peace to the people of Suances .

And if after this wonderful series you still feel more like María Oruña, write down: her new book is getting closer to bookstores The forest of the four winds. ’

📘 In Galicia in 1830 a woman will face the conventions of her time. New crimes, new mysteries, new characters that will remind you why you are fans of the police genre.

7) Saga ‘Me, Julia’, historical novel.

Two proper names push us to include this saga in the readings that you cannot miss these days. One is that of Santiago Posteguillo, winner of the Planeta Prize with this work that we present to you. The other name to keep in mind is Julia Domna, the magnetic protagonist of the books.

A.D. 192 Several men fight for an empire, but Julia, daughter of kings, mother of Caesars and wife of emperor, thinks of something more ambitious: a dynasty. Between tensions and conspiracies, a fire devastates the city of Rome. Is it a disaster or an opportunity? Five men prepare to fight to the death for power. They think the game is about to start. But for Julia the game has already started. He knows that only a woman can forge a dynasty. Discover his steps in ‘Yo, Julia’ (2018).

‘And Julia challenged the gods’ (2020) is the second part of this wonderful historical novel and represents an even greater challenge for our protagonist: when the enemy is your own son… is there victory?

Sit back in your hammocks and enjoy reading. 🍹

8) Tetralogy The Cemetery of Forgotten Books, contemporary novel.

Carlos Ruiz Zafon He is the author of the greatest international success of the Spanish novel, and a sad loss we have had this year. But readers will not forget him and if his tetralogy was already a classic of literature, now more than ever we want to give him love and continue paying tribute to this beloved author.

Does 'The Shadow of the Wind' ring a bell? Of course. It is the first part of this tetralogy and introduces us to a literary mystery set in Barcelona in the first half of the 20th century, from the last splendours of Modernism to the post-war darkness. The enigmas and the plots intertwine to form a story about the secrets of the heart and the spell of books … an intriguing story that will keep you on edge until the last page. Do you want to know what is hidden in The Cemetery of Forgotten Books? The books await you. 😉

9) The Millennium phenomenon, crime novel.

And it is time to shoot the adrenaline with one of the essential sagas of recent times, with a brutal protagonist who clings to our skin and does not abandon us, with our beloved Lisbeth Salander.

And with a story that you can not stop reading even if you have already seen the movies in the cinema. The reading experience is unmatched. one00 million readers would like to start again this saga based on family conflicts, crime, sexual perversions and financial traps.

Stieg Larsson The plot began with 'The men who did not love women' (2015), 'The girl who dreamed of a match and a can of gasoline' (2015) and 'The queen in the palace of drafts' (2015 ). After his death, David Lagercrantz continued with ‘What does not kill you makes you stronger’ (2015) and ‘The man who chased his shadow’ (2017).

And finally last year we were able to read the book that thousands of readers longed to have in their hands: ‘The girl who lived twice’ (2019). Learn about the fate of our heroine Lisbeth Salander, put the finishing touch on the Swedish phenomenon of the thriller. Because every great story deserves a great ending. Are you ready to join one of the most powerful literary heroines of recent times?

And if every book you read this summer fades like sand between your fingers… take note of these recommended books that will make you read with premeditation and treachery until dawn.

Do we read summer? 😎

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