The BOE publishes the easing measures of certain restrictions in small municipalities and local entities

The text adapts the de-escalation strategy to the particularities of these populations, where there is less risk derived from crowds or from the intensive use of public transport.

In this sense, the Order will not apply if these populations have a consolidated urban area adjacent to the urban area of ​​another municipality or local entity that has more than 10,000 inhabitants and a population density of more than 100 inhabitants per square kilometer. Nor can these measures be applied when the sum of the inhabitants of the adjacent consolidated urban areas exceeds the number of inhabitants or population density established.

The municipalities that meet these requirements and that are in phase 0 and 1 will be able to take advantage of some of the measures planned for phase 2. Thus, the time bands that determine the departure of children under 14 years of age and physical activity are not eliminated. professional outdoor. The departure limit for an adult with a maximum of three children is also eliminated. All cohabitants in the same address may go out together.

The limit to carry out these activities is the municipal term or, failing that, a maximum distance of five kilometers, including adjacent municipalities, provided that they also benefit from these flexibility measures and belong to the same territorial unit of reference.

In this type of populations that are in phase 1, they will be able to go out together, always respecting the safety and hygiene measures, groups of a maximum of 15 people, except in the case of people living together.

Outdoor markets

On the other hand, the order allows town councils or governments of local authorities to authorize open air markets or non-sedentary markets on public roads. Preference will be given to food and staple products, and care must be taken to ensure that consumers do not handle the products.

Local authorities must guarantee the safety and distance between workers, customers and pedestrians. To do this, they will establish the requirements for distance between positions and the conditions for delimiting the market.

Hotel and restaurant establishments for consumption on the premises may also be reopened to the public, except for nightclubs and nightlife bars. The provision of the service in the outdoor terraces will be carried out in accordance with the provisions for phase 1.

Regarding the wake, funerals, places of worship, library services and the development of sports activities, the measures of phase 2 will be applied.

Outdoor sports facilities can be opened as long as the requirements established for phase 1 are met.

To guarantee compliance with these flexibility measures, the municipalities and government bodies of local entities, with the provincial councils, island councils and / or regional authorities, and under the coordination of the Autonomous Communities, will approve plans for the adaptation of public spaces. They may also adopt restrictive measures in access to natural areas when they consider that there is a risk of agglomeration formation.

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