The deputy of the Parliamentary Group VOX Valencian Community, David garcia, has defended during the Health Commission the need to install defibrillators in all educational centers in the Valencian Community, as well as the training of teaching professionals and citizens, in general, for their correct use.

As David García has explained: “There is a lack of defibrillators in the Valencian Community. This Non-Law Proposal is a cry for the Consell to put the batteries and reach these equipment to schools, which are not cardio protected. Defibrillators are life savers. You have to prioritize life over money”.

The deputy has insisted that “before life and death there are no political colors"And has pointed out the real need for"update and enlarge the public map of defibrillators and reinforce the existing ones because if one fails, due to lack of maintenance, it is necessary to have a replacement”.

VOX has accepted the amendment to the NLP presented by Ciudadanos, which asked to include a modification of the decree of 2017 that regulates the use of defibrillators in the Valencian Community and a transactional has finally been presented. It has also been supported by the PP.

Schools with less than 1,500 students do not deserve a defibrillator, according to the Botanist

The initiative, which was for the benefit of all Valencians, has been rejected en bloc by the left. Both PSPV, Compromís, and Podemos have voted against with various arguments such as that in schools with fewer than 1,500 students, these life-saving kits are not needed.

The VOX MP He has shown his astonishment at this attitude that goes against the interests of Valencians. "Children from inland towns, where schools have fewer than 1,500 students, are going to be the most affected, because according to the Botanist they do not deserve to have a defibrillator at hand”.

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