"The boy in the last row", by Juan Mayorga, directed by Andrés Lima arrives at the CDN

Produced by Sala Beckett, the play premiered in Barcelona last year and arrives in Madrid with a renewed cast, led by Alberto San Juan and Guillermo Toledo

It opens on October 14 at the María Guerrero Theater, where it will be held until November 8

This morning the next premiere of the National Dramatic Center was presented to the media, The boy in the last row, of Juan Mayorga, directed by Andres Lima, which will be exhibited at the Maria Guerrero Theater from October 14 to November 8. It is one of the most represented texts by the author. Not only was he awarded a MAX, but he was brought to film with great success by French director François Ozon under the title In the House and it is also included as one of the reference texts in the reading programs of public institutes. The piece deals with the link between a student and his literature teacher. "A play about the pleasure of looking at the lives of others and about the risks of confusing what is lived with what is imagined, a text that wants to make the act of imagining theater", according to Mayorga.

The boy in the last row It is also a work that brings together for the ninth time two renowned figures from the Spanish scene. Among other distinctions, Andrés Lima has received the National Theater Award and Juan Mayorga the Dramatic Literature Award. His collaboration as author and director has left us such memorable productions as Alejandro and Ana: what Spain could not see of the wedding banquet of the president's daughter of Animalario; Shock (The Condor and the Puma), which recently earned Lima the fifth MAX Award for Best Director; or Hamelin (MAX for Best Theater Show in 2006), a text that Mayorga has come to define as the literary father of The boy in the last row.

According to Andrés Lima these titles, Hamelin Y The boyThey are precisely "two of Mayorga's best works", of whose texts his sense of theatricality stands out, his way of approaching the mysterious of the human soul and the dark areas of the mind and his concern for the contemporary world; a theater heir to German philosophy and theater, as well as the Spanish Baroque and that always asks the pertinent questions; "A modern theater in the strictest sense of the word."

The boy in the last row it is a brilliant piece that makes complex things simple, adds Lima. “Starting from a specific anecdote, he makes a display from which we can contemplate all the facets of the human being: the betrayal of brotherhood, the parent-child relationship, the teacher-student relationship, the awakening of sexuality, the danger of adolescence, the birth of an artist… ”, he assures.

Juan Mayorga, for his part, highlights from the Lima direction "the complicity and rapport he achieves with and among the cast, who risks as with few directors, and seems to be one body." The boy in the last row, which produced and premiered the Sala Beckett last year, arrives in Madrid with a semi-renewed cast. The Barcelona cast remain young boys, embodied by Guillem Barbosa (in the role of Claudio) and his friend, Arnau comasBoth "great discoveries", according to Lima; and complete the cast Pilar Castro, Natalie Pinot, Alberto San Juan Y Guillermo Toledo, four regular interpreters from Lima with whom he has shared a vital complicity for a long time, which transmits to this show “a special life”, in the director's words.

Photos: Luz Soria

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