Madrid, June 13, 2019. "We do what we believe best for Andalusia." "We have not come to politics or to do the hooligan, or theater, or noise." These words of the spokesman of VOX in the Parliament of Andalusia, Alejandro Hernández, are the perfect summary of the spirit of a party, VOX, now immersed in the policy of pacts to endow Spanish communities and municipalities with stable governments that guarantee the freedom of citizens and the constitutional order.

The own spokesman of VOX in the Congress of the Deputies, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, put this agreement as an example of what happens when "there is collaboration instead of vetoes". "It's not that difficult!" He added to celebrate the achievements of VOX in the Andalusian Parliament, materialized in an agreement of 34 measures that include the recognition of intrafamily violence and the replacement of the term "gender mainstreaming" by the "principle of equal treatment and opportunities between women and men".

Battle against the 'progressive' imposition

The implementation of the program '1492: a new world' is agreed, in order to highlight the historical heritage that led to the discovery of America and other subsequent exploits as well as the circumnavigation of the land and the establishment of commercial and cultural relations with the Hispanic countries and try to end this way with the extended Black Legend.

Far from the ideological language, the expression 'gender mainstreaming' is changed to that of 'the principle of equal treatment between men and women', a term that will be included in the qualitative documentation of the Budgets for 2020, and it is bet, in the framework of VOX's commitment to the Forces and State Security Bodies, for the implementation of an agreement to support compliance with current regulations on irregular immigration.

Within the framework of the Democratic Memory, the execution carried out by the Ministry of Culture will be strictly for recovery actions in pits, investigation and location of pits, and DNA bank.

Protection of the family

The agreement reached by VOX changes the concept of 'macho violence' to that of 'intrafamily violence' with the start-up of a telephone service managed by qualified personnel for the protection of victims of any type of violence that occurred within the family. . It also contemplates the care of pregnant women with difficulties so that they can carry out their pregnancy; the elaboration of an Infrastructure Plan for the care centers for the Dependency and the extension of the family respite service for people with disabilities by 30% compared to the existing provisions.

There is more: the extension of the Early Childhood Service is contemplated, so that children under 6 years of age who are still in need of psychological, speech-therapy and motor-care attention are incorporated into this system. In the chapter of education, it is agreed the implementation of an Educational Infrastructure Plan that provides a solution to the problem of air conditioning in the classroom.

Reduction of the instrumental public sector

It is agreed the evaluation, analysis and adoption of executive measures that allow to rationalize the structure of the different entities by means of the suppression, reduction or reorganization of functions and assigned personnel. And it is expected, in this sense, the implementation of an audit plan to analyze the effectiveness, efficiency and economy of the entire instrumental public sector. If after this supervision it is proven that they are not "financially sustainable", the autonomic legal system should be given the necessary flexibility to undertake the necessary restructuring with agility.

In addition, it is contemplated that the managerial staff hired by the Junta de Andalucía will be by a qualifying body external to the contracting entity, so that they are taken into account the merit, capacity and suitability principles.

In the subsidies chapter, and after evidencing the malpractice of the previous Government, it is considered necessary to develop a strategic planning. Thus, the approval of strategic plans for each of the Ministries is envisaged to avoid that "different groups of beneficiaries and agents, without providing an objective and transparent real added value, only pursue their continuity in order to continue maintaining the financial support of its activities, without these being really valid and important for the final objective of the public and social utility of the subsidy ".


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