• The bullfighting sector will be able to see its cultural and business importance recognized as well as the streamlining of procedures for aid that comes to alleviate the crisis in the sector due to Covid-19.

Seville, October 30, 2020. The spokesperson of the Provincial Group of VOX in the Diputación de Sevilla Rafael Garcia Ortiz has shown its satisfaction after the support of the socialist group to a motion that “It comes to do justice to one of the sectors most affected by the covid-19 crisis, a sector, he highlighted, that has been unprotected and outside of any coverage that could alleviate the serious economic consequences that the pandemic has caused in this sector ”.

García Ortiz recalled that "VOX has always supported a sector that is part of the culture of our country and that encompasses bullfighters, banderilleros, picadors and swordmen, some 1,200 families that live from one of the greatest exponents and most deeply rooted in our country. country and that with the arrival of the pandemic has been strongly shaken ”. While it is true, the VOX spokesperson in the Diputación has qualified, that “there are many sectors that have been seriously affected by this pandemic, the bullfighting sector has felt abandoned by not being classified in a specific cultural category, which has led to the denial of applications for the provision of financial aid ”.

"From VOX we are proud of our culture and our traditions and for this reason we have fought so that this sector is protected in the face of the economic difficulties that are causing hundreds of Sevillian families in the world of bullfighting". The proposal, presented by VOX and endorsed by the PSOE, has managed to be recognized the cultural and business importance of the bullfighting and livestock sector, showing the support of the Diputación de Sevilla to both sectors as well as the request to urge the Central Government to speed up the processing of open aid processes to alleviate the serious effects of the crisis in both sectors.

García Ortiz, explained that they also included in their proposal “the commitment of the Area of ​​Culture and Citizenship to allocate an economic item to bullfighting activities in municipalities with less than 20,000 inhabitants as well as a line of aid for the protection, management and recovery of the bullrings as members of the municipal historical-artistic heritage to which municipalities with less than 20,000 inhabitants who own bullfighting arena ”, points that the Socialist Party has reduced to "establishing lines of collaboration with those municipalities that request bullfighting promotion through their recognized Bullfighting Schools."

At VOX we are proud of “having supported a key sector in our culture and We will continue to fight for their full rights to be recognized as one more sector of the culture of our country”. "We will be vigilant, García Ortíz concluded, in strict compliance with this motion so that these 1,200 affected families can, like any citizen shaken by the Covid crisis, opt for the aid provided by the State, and we will continue fighting for the full rights of a sector that represents the cultural essence of our country, regardless of who it may be "

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