After the General Nursing Council meeting, the Business Circle of Attention to People, CEAPs Remember that the sector you represent, the Social Sector –only 320,000 elderly and / or dependent people live in residential centers in Spain-, works to offer the necessary support to people so that they can live with dignity as if they were in their homes and offering the necessary support through models such as the ACP – Person-Centered Care – in which multidisciplinary teams composed of professionals from various social and health fields. "We must not forget that the Social Services sector is in concept and essence of care, in which nursing professionals are a fundamental part of a multidisciplinary team in which the gerocultoras that carry the weight of daily care ”, explains Cinta Pascual, president of CEAPs.

In addition, before the collective's announcement to create “nurses research commissions”, CEAPs explains that “residential and day centers are the ones that carry out the most controls and inspections during the whole year, both of the regional, local Social Services, of the Health, Employment, Security and Food Quality Management… ”And they consider it necessary to“ publicize everything that is proposed and change what is not administratively necessary so that the isolated cases that occur cease to be provoked, ”says Pascual.

It is the public institutions, the independent bodies, which regulate the ratios based on current legislation. "What you have to evaluate, and what you have to work together, is to apply the new models of attention centered on the person, and with professionals that must be valued, not face the groups", concludes .

Lack of professionals

On the other hand, CEAPs joins the public complaint before the real problem of the lack of nursing professionals in Social Services and in the health sector in general, public and private, in Spain, and an urgent measure is needed at the state level, from the base, the educational system. In general throughout Europe there is a lack of more than 20,000 professionals, "nothing is said to increase the training offer and that is one of the big problems," explains Cinta Pascual, president of CEAPs, on behalf of the group.

In addition, it must be taken into account that in Spain there is a Dependency Law that lacks sufficient and finalist financing and that leaves the communities arbitrary about the form of application, which affects salaries, the application of the ratios of workers by centers and to the own application of inspections.

“We have to work together to make the image of the sector change, that nursing professionals, for example, who do a magnificent job in the centers, do not look undervalued and, on the contrary, are recognized, and that their example also go out publicly, ”says Cinta Pascual. "When we talk about dignity to people in the sector, from CEAPS we talk from professionals to users, that's what we fight every day," he concludes.

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