The Confederation of Business Organizations of Castilla y León, CECALE, and the Autonomous Federation of Castile and Leon, CEAT Castilla y León, describe as positive the decrease in unemployment recorded in June due to the trend of the results, taking into account the decreases produced in recent months, and the consolidation of the employment that it entails; all this without prejudice to recognize the influence that on the figures published by the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Social Security has been able to suppose the beginning of the tourist campaign of the summer.

Specifically, during the last month of June, the number of registered unemployed in Castilla y León reached 133,242 people, which meant a decrease of 7,169 unemployed compared to the previous month (5.11% in inter-monthly rate). In relation to the last year, the drop was 5.93% (8,401 fewer unemployed), while in Spain, unemployment fell 4.63%, that is, 146,476 fewer unemployed. Likewise, the average number of affiliates to the Social Security was 7,706 new contributors, which meant an increase of 0.84% ​​compared to the month of May.

However, CECALE and CEAT Castilla y León insist on the the need to consolidate this clear positive trend; consolidation that goes on to continue deepening in the labor measures undertaken that imply greater flexibility and that they encourage, in turn, the adaptation of hiring to the conjunctural and structural needs of each sector; giving us, equally, a flexible legal framework that favors the ability of companies to adapt to economic cycles and enable the stable creation of employment.

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