The president of the Confederation of Business Associations of the Balearics, CAEB, Carmen Planas, has valued the figures of Social Security affiliation and registered unemployment indicating that "the data of the labor market confirm that the pace of job creation has continued to moderate in the month of June, so, from CAEB, we demand stimuli that benefit the economy to stop this loss of pace"

Proof of this is that the average number of workers Social Security affiliates (580,595 people) increased by 2.1% in interannual terms, a lower increase both to the annotated during the months of May (2.3%) and April (2.6%) and to the average of the first quarter of the year (2.5%). The rhythm of job creation of the archipelago is maintained, therefore, below the national average (2.7%), as it has been observed since the first steps of the exercise.

In this context, the lower employment boost in the month of June is mainly explained due to the slowdown experienced in the services sector (1.7% vs 2%, May) despite the start of the tourist high season, since the growth of the affiliation of workers has gained pulse so much in the industry (2.3% vs 2%, May) as in construction (5.6% vs 5.2%, May).

In line with the behavior of employment, the decrease in registered unemployment has also advanced on the islands at a rate (-0.6%) lower than that registered at the national level (-4.6%). However, the incidence of the number of unemployed registered in the Balearic employment offices (36,372 people) has been reduced to 5.9% of the active population, which represents the lowest unemployment rate registered in this month of the year since 2008 and a percentage that more than reduces the state average (13.4%).

In light of the evolution of the labor market, Carmen Planas pointed out that "CAEB is committed to all levels by improving productivity as the main way to strengthen the current growth phase of the economy and achieve, with this also, a more stable progression of employment ", a work for which Planas has pointed out as priority levers aspects such as" the improvement of the formation of human capital or the integration of new technologies in business processes ".

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