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The president of the Confederation of Business Associations of the Balearic Islands (CAEB), Carmen Planas, has congratulated "the Socialist Party (PSIB-PSOE) for winning the 26M elections, as well as the rest of the political parties for the results obtained and for the whole society for a smooth and uneventful election day and that has registered a high participation ".

Carmen Planas has stated that "political parties now have the responsibility to reach agreements that promote governance and, above all, to guarantee the stability and legal security that our economy requires ".

"It is necessary that the new governments are able to dialogue, that they take into account the figure of the entrepreneur and that they promote policies that favor investment and business expansion because entrepreneurs are the ones who pull the economy and those who create employment and, final, this affects the well-being of citizens ".

The president of CAEB has indicated that "now that we are going to have a government of the same color in the Balearic Islands and Madrid, it is essential that we obtain a REB that takes into account the insularity and the state investments that are needed in the Balearic Islands because the companies of the islands are at a disadvantage with respect to those of the peninsula since we have an added cost that is the insularity. I hope that now we are able to have the REB that Balears deserves and that we reach consensus and dialogue policies and that the figure of the entrepreneur be taken into account, "he has defended.

Carmen Planas has concluded that "from CAEB we hope that the governments that are formed in the Balearic Islands, both in the Region, as well as in the Consells and City Councils, will be sensitive to the process of slowing down and slowing down economic growth that accuses Balears ", for what he has asked" to promote policies that favor companies, because if companies can increase their productivity and competitiveness we can create more stable and higher quality employment ".

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