The CEOE Board of Directors, at the proposal of its president, Antonio Garamendi, has appointed the businesswoman Clara Arpa member of the Executive Committee of the Confederation. Diploma in Labor Relations and specialized in international cooperation and management of corporate social responsibility, is president of the Center for Innovation for Sustainable Development and CEO of the company ARPA Mobile Teams Campaign, among other positions.

This company is one of the five most important companies in the world in the design, manufacture and deployment of campaign logistics solutions for the defense, health and emergency sectors. Its services range from the modular construction of field hospitals to infrastructure complements such as water treatment, sanitation, waste management, providing integral solutions and state-of-the-art technology for mass communication systems.

Throughout his career, his interest in sustainability led him to found the Center for Innovation for Sustainable Development, CIDS, which chairs and collects innovative ideas generated in the company and in society to support sustainable development in the world, working on five of the United Nations objectives (ODS) in this area. He is a member of the United Nations Global Compact Board and of several professional associations.

Clara Arpa was born in Zaragoza and her business and human work has been recognized with various national and international awards. The most recent is the award of the Cross Merit Military with white badge, granted by the Ministry of Defense of Spain.

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