Seix Barral summons one more year for writers and writers to participate in the Short Library Award. If you have written an unpublished novel in Spanish and want to present it to the prize, you have time to date October 30, 2019.

You can check below the legal basis for this 2020 Short Library Award.

one. Unpublished and written novels in any language of the Spanish State may be eligible for the Short Library Award as long as they are presented in Spanish. In his case, Seix Barral will reimburse the author of the winning work for the costs generated by the Spanish translation. The works of those authors who had died before the announcement of the call may not be submitted, and only one work per candidate will be accepted. The works submitted must have a minimum length of 150 pages, in body 12 and double spacing.

two. The amount of the Prize will be 30,000 euros, a sum that will be considered as an advance for the transfer to Editorial Seix Barral of the publishing rights. The winner agrees to sign the assignment contract exclusively, for everyone and in Spanish, of the rights to edit the work in all formats. Said contract shall be subject to the terms and conditions indicated in condition 6 of these bases. Seix Barral undertakes to publish the winning work within one year of the awarding of the Prize.

3. The Jury, formed by personalities of recognized prestige in the world of culture, will publish the decision, unappealable, during the month of February 2020. Without prejudice to the final ruling, Seix Barral is not responsible for the opinions expressed by the Jury or by none of its members in relation to the novels presented.

Four. In no case may the Prize be distributed between two or more novels, but will be awarded in full to a single work. The prize could not be declared void.

5. Seix Barral will have a preferential option right for one year on the prize-winning work in the original language in which it was written (as long as it is one of those of the Spanish State). Also, during the six-month period from the awarding of the Prize, Seix Barral will have a preemptive right to obtain the exclusive transfer of the exploitation of the works that, presented to the Prize and not having been winning, could interest him. In both cases, the author undertakes against Seix Barral to assign the exploitation rights of his work.

6. The awarding of the Prize means that the author of the award-winning work gives exclusively to Seix Barral, for all countries and languages ​​of the world, and for the entire period of validity of Intellectual Property rights, all exploitation rights – in any format or support and channel known at the time of the award of the Prize – on that work, including the rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation.

Seix Barral may exploit the rights to the work awarded by itself or sign, with any other company of its business group or with third parties, exclusively or not, the agreements that are necessary to enable the best exploitation and execution of those in various modalities, both in Spain and abroad.

Seix Barral may make both the first edition of the award-winning novel as well as the successive ones, the circulation of copies in the modality and commercial distribution system that he freely decides.

The author will not accrue for any other concept other amount than the prize received until the total amortization of the amount thereof, which will have for the purpose of the contract the advance payment.

Once the advance corresponding to the prize received has been amortized, Seix Barral will satisfy the author – for the sales of copies – ten percent (10%) in the hardcover or paperback editions, six percent (6%) in the editions pocket and five percent (5%) in the remaining modalities. These percentages will be calculated on the retail price without VAT of the copies sold. In the event that the exploitation of the rights is carried out by third parties, the remuneration of the authors will be sixty percent (60%) of the net income obtained by Seix Barral. In the case of the publication of the work in electronic book or audiobook format, the author will receive twenty-five percent (25%) of the net income of the publisher as a royalty.

The winner authorizes the use of his name and image for advertising purposes and undertakes to personally participate in the presentation and promotion of his work in those acts that Seix Barral considers appropriate, both in Spain and Latin America.

7. The novels may be submitted by postal mail printed in duplicate or by email in a word or pdf file … In both cases the name of the author, ID or passport, his address and contact telephone number must be specified. All works must participate with a signed statement that must necessarily include the following points:

(I) Express manifestation of the original and unpublished character throughout the world of the work, as well as that it is not a copy or modification, total or partial, of any other own or other people's work.

(II) Express manifestation of the exclusive ownership of the author over all the rights of the work and that it is free of charges or limitations to the exploitation rights.

(III) Manifestation that the work submitted to the Prize has not been submitted to any other contest that is pending resolution at the time of presentation of the work to the Prize.

(IV) Express manifestation of the acceptance by the author of each and every one of the conditions established in these rules.

(V) Date of declaration and original signature.

If the works are submitted under a pseudonym and by email, it is essential to send the participant's personal contact information by post, indicating in the envelope the title and pseudonym to which they belong.

The author of the work submitted to the Prize is obliged to keep Seix Barral totally harmless for any damages it may suffer as a result of the inaccuracy or lack of veracity of any of the statements indicated above and made by the author in the moment of the presentation of the work.

The presentation of the work to the Prize under a pseudonym is made only for the purposes of the contest until its decision.

8. The deadline for receipt of originals ends on October 30, 2019, at which time only those received by postmarked mail will enter the contest until the aforementioned date. The originals must be sent with the indication "For the Short Library Award" to Editorial Seix Barral, S. A .:

– By postal mail:

SPAIN: Avda. Diagonal, 662-664, 7th floor,
08034, Barcelona.
ARGENTINA: Avda. Independencia, 1668, C 1100
ABQ, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
COLOMBIA: Calle 73, No. 7-60, floors 7 to 11,
Santafé de Bogotá D. C., Colombia.
MEXICO: Av. Presidente Masaryk, No. 111, 2nd floor,
Colonia Chapultepec Morales, 11570, Mexico D. F.

– By email:

9. None of the novels submitted to the Prize within the due time and in the proper form may be withdrawn before the decision is made public. The presentation to the Prize implies the irrevocable consent of the author to the dissemination of the work presented in case of being awarded. Once the award decision has been made public, the publisher will destroy all the non-awarded manuscripts without any claim being made and undertakes to delete the files received via email.

10. Seix Barral will not correspond with the authors who present themselves for the Prize or provide information on the classification and evaluation of the novels.

eleven. For any doubt, discrepancy, claim or issue that may arise on the occasion of the interpretation and execution of these rules, the parties renounce their own forum that may correspond to them and agree to submit the conflict raised to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona ( Spain).

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