The campaign to submit requests for direct aid from the CAP for 2020 begins

The total amount of these grants amounts to 4,954 million euros, which may be paid in advance as of October 16, and the balance as of December 1.

Through the single application, the producer can request all his aid at once. It is of great importance the correct fulfillment of said request, as well as its presentation within the established term, to avoid possible penalties or even the non-perception of the aid.

As in previous campaigns, the single request must be addressed to the competent authority of the autonomous community in which the exploitation or most of the surface of the same resides. If there is no surface, it will be presented in the autonomous community where the largest number of animals is found.

The direct aid that can be requested is included in the royal decree, approved at the end of 2014 and modified on November 1, 2019, on the application as of that year of direct payments to agriculture and livestock. This rule describes the requirements necessary to qualify for each aid and the minimum information that the single application must contain.

Types of aid

The aid that can be requested in 2020 is as follows:

  1. Community support schemes.
  • Basic payment to farmers ("basic payment scheme")
  • Payment for farmers who apply agricultural practices beneficial to the climate and the environment ("green payment")
  • Complementary payment for young farmers who begin their agricultural activity
  • Payment of the scheme for small farmers
  • Specific aid schemes by area:
    • Specific payment for cotton cultivation
  • Voluntary associated aid schemes, pursuant to Article 52 of Regulation (EU) 1307/2013.
    • Aid associated with rice cultivation
    • Aid associated with protein crops
    • Help associated with nuts and locust beans
    • Help associated with quality legumes
    • Help associated with sugar beet
    • Help associated with tomato for industry
    • Associated help for farms that maintain nursing cows
    • Associated help for bait farms
    • Associated aid for dairy cattle farms
    • Associated aid for sheep farms
    • Associated help for goat farms
    • Associated aid for dairy cattle farmers who maintained special rights in 2014 and do not have eligible hectares for the activation of basic payment rights
    • Associated aid for bait cattle farmers who maintained special rights in 2014 and do not have eligible hectares for the activation of basic payment rights
    • Associated aid for sheep and goat farmers who maintained special rights in 2014 and do not have eligible hectares for the activation of basic payment rights

    Applications for rural development programs, national reserves and transfer of rights

    Tomorrow also opens the deadline for submitting requests for payment of rural development measures included in the scope of the integrated management and control system (basically surface aid and livestock aid), the communication of transfer of basic payment rights and the request for rights for the National Basic Payment Reserve, which is oriented primarily towards young farmers and those producers who are incorporated into the agricultural activity and who have adequate training and training in the agricultural field.

    To facilitate the completion of the single application and taking into account that all aid applicants must submit the so-called "graphic declaration", in accordance with the Geographic Information System for the Identification of Agricultural Plots (SIGPAC), of all agricultural plots of the farm, the Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food makes the necessary information available to applicants by accessing the SIGPAC through its website, from the website of the FEGA or of the autonomous communities.

    In the context of the CAP simplification and modernization agenda, in the 2020 campaign, Spain will continue to expand the application of controls by monitoring the areas declared by farmers in certain geographical areas, as a system to carry out Field controls In this area, Spain is one of the pioneer Member States in the use of new technologies for the simplification and improvement of controls.

    In this 2020 campaign, controls will be carried out by monitoring in specific geographical areas of a total of 15 autonomous communities, on all aid from the first PAC pillar and some measures from the second pillar. The selected areas will be published in the next days on the FEGA website.

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