More than 130 of the 450 Cantabrian professionals who carry out their work at the highest business level in 50 countries on five continents and who have opted to join the Cantabrian talent network abroad They met at the Botín Center Auditorium in a meeting organized by CEOE-CEPYME within the Cantabria 2030 Plan. The objective of the Network and this meeting is to create “the talent lobby” which links professionals from all sectors, mostly between 39 and 49 years old and with higher education, at their best professional and Put your knowledge and skills at the service of Cantabria's development.

For the Cantabria 2030 Plan, a strategy promoted by CEOE-CEPYME and that establishes the actions to be followed for the economic development of the Community, people, their talent and training, are a fundamental axis for which it is necessary to develop a model of collaboration between companies and educational institutions that allow incorporating into the educational model the new professional competences that the company demands and it is in this framework in which the Talent Network is developed.

This was explained in his interventions by the president and the CEO of CEOE-CEPYME, Enrique Conde and Isabel Cuesta, the head of the Talent and People area of ​​the Cantabria 2030 Plan, Francisco Zunzunegui, and one of the first Cantabrian professionals to join the Network Talent, the Julio Ceballos countryman, head of Telepizza expansion in Asia and resident in China for more than a decade. Ceballos advises companies interested in developing its sales market in China.

If in the first of the meetings of members of the Talent Network held last July, about thirty of the total of 250 professionals who formed the Network met in Santander, this meeting multiplied this figure by four and left the capacity of the auditorium of the Botín Center. The event also joined representatives of 30 of the most important companies in the region that are collaborating with the Talent and People lever of the Cantabria 2030 Plan.

In his speech the president of CEOE-CEPYME, Enrique Conde, reviewed the work done since the presentation of the Cantabria 2030 Plan a year ago. Count explained that, today, 100 people from different companies and institutions actively participate in the 16 working groups dependent on the four levers that activate the actions that the Plan defines for the change of the productive model and economic development. Among these, there are representatives of the two main universities, eight professional associations and the four main entities of the region in terms of innovation.

The youngest of the Talent and People Lever, Francisco Zunzunegui, explained that to the members of the Talent Network “we are going to squeeze every last drop of your talent and knowledge” and explained that “you are going to go to teach the university, we are going to call you for research and training projects both at the public University and at the University of the Atlantic and its 45 attached universities ”because this way, he said“ the company and the University will stop turning their backs and start looking at eyes. "

For his part, Julio Ceballos explained that "all the members of the Talent Network are search engines" and said that "we know what it costs to assert your skills in another country" but also that "together we are worth more and all this set of skills and experiences that we accumulate together serve Cantabria ”. He also said that "in principle we all intend to return and we do not always have the opportunity" so "this network is a way to sow this opportunity."

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