Twelve o'clock noon was the time set by the VOX political group to start their Caravan for Spain and their freedom. In La Coruña, the deployment of vehicles started from the Riazor esplanade, continuing along the avenue of Buenos Aires towards the Plaza de Pontevedra, to culminate in front of the Government Delegation, in the Plaza de Orense.

More than 300 cars paraded through the city wearing the Spanish flag at all times, paying tribute to the more than 27,000 people who died as a result of the negligence committed by the social-communist government that today places Spain as one of the countries with higher case fatality rate, infections and number of infected health personnel.

The caravan had the support of Spaniards of different ideologies, coming from all corners of the province, who are joined by a feeling of outrage at the decisions made by this government, such as having agreed with Bildu on the complete suppression of a labor reform. which now thousands of Spaniards are taking in to collect the ERTE, also hiding the agreement from the Congress of Deputies. Likewise, the Spanish are tired of the permanent blackmail of the government, which threatens to withdraw the aid in the event of not continuing with the current state of emergency undercover.

VOX considers urgent the formation of a government of national concentration, made up of technicians and non-active politicians, which must have personalities from civil and business society, to face the social and economic consequences of the current health crisis. “The decisions in economic and social matters taken by Sánchez and Iglesias have as their ultimate goal to destroy the national productive fabric, to disappear the middle class, in order to make Spaniards economically dependent on the privileges of the incumbent ruler; a script that has already been followed in other communist-ruled countries, which today unfortunately are in ruins. Today more than ever VOX is presented as the only possible alternative to the chaos that this government means, "says Ricardo Morado, head of the list for the province of La Coruña.

The Caravan for Spain and its freedom was present in all the provincial capitals of Spain to reject a government totally removed from the reality of ordinary Spaniards and delivered to its ideological claims when Spain needs the most protection.

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