The Caravan for Spain and its freedom will tour Ceuta this Saturday from 12 noon, demanding the resignation of the Pedro Sánchez Government for its disastrous management of the crisis opened by Covid-19 and for its undercover State of Exception. The request registered by VOX last week in the Government Delegation of Ceuta has not received a response and after 72 hours the authorization is understood to have been granted due to positive silence.

The starting point will be the Campus Health Center, on Padilla Street, and from there a circular route will be made that will pass along Daoiz Street, in front of the PSOE headquarters in Ceuta, to end up as a Government Delegation and return to start. As Jorge Buxadé, VOX spokesman, did this Monday, the party calls on all Ceutas to participate in this caravan "whether or not they voted for us and even if they will never vote for us."

VOX defends, with this concentration, that all Ceuta are free to gather and demonstrate. “Spain stands up and shouts freedom and it is not only Madrid or it is just a neighborhood. It is all of Spain: Salamanca, Valladolid, Seville … and in one cry: freedom and government resignation, "said Buxadé. In order for Ceuta to join this cry, VOX invites the Ceuta to come, respecting the measures of social and vehicle distancing, to this demonstration and to do so with their flags of Spain.

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