The history of Spanish theater is full of great female figures. Many began as actresses towards the end of century XVI (anticipating in several centuries the presence of women in the public sphere) and, over time, their presence in the trade was expanding towards writing, stage direction or even business management, although many of their names have fallen into oblivion and in most cases his work has not been sufficiently vindicated.

To give visibility to the essential contributions of women in the performing arts, the National Dramatic Center (CDN) –Unit dependent on INAEM– dedicate the second season of his cycle «In large print» to four relevant figures of female dramatic writing: Concepción Arenal, María Lejárraga, Teresa Gracia and Ana Diosdado. Their trajectories will be approached by renowned contemporary writers and theater researchers, who will contextualize their biographies and their works, some of which will star in the dramatized readings with which these meetings will culminate. Appointments, free admission, will take place every Monday at 20 hours at María Guerrero Theater.

The first of the sessions will be held this Monday, October 21st in collaboration with the Pontevedra Deputation and will be titled «From 1580 to Doña María Guerrero and Concepción Arenal ». The writer will participate in it Anna Caballe, the drama teacher of the RESAD, Fernando Doménech, and the theater critic and researcher Eduardo Pérez-Rasilla, as a moderator. After the round table the dramatized reading of «He is not a servant, he is a man», from Arenal Conception, in which they will participate Maria Besant Y Carlos Jiménez-Alfaro, among other interpreters.

«From Doña María Guerrero to the Civil War» it will be the title of the second conference that, connecting with the previous one, will be given by the novelist and playwright Vanessa Montfort Y Eduardo Pérez Rasilla, moderated by Fernando Doménech. The text will be dramatized «Tragedy of the bitch life», from María Martínez Sierra (pseudonym of María Lejárraga), with Lucio Baglivo Y Maria Besant.

The day November 4 the writer Laura Freixas and the researcher Berta Muñoz will offer the talk «From the Civil War to the Transition (Spain and exile)», moderated by Fernando Doménech. On this occasion a play by Teresa Grace, «The Republicans», with a cast headed by Maria Besant and the actor Jesus Gago.

The conference program will close it «From the Transition to today» he November 11th, a meeting in which the cultural manager will intervene Cristina Santolaria and the playwright Noelia Adánez, moderated by Eduardo Pérez-Rasilla. As last dramatized reading has been included «The mirror image», from Ana Diosdado, with the performances of Borja Luna Y Pedro Miguel Martinez.

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