The CDTI contributes 65 million euros for 115 business R & D & I projects

In the development of these projects, a total of 127 companies participate, of which 85 are SMEs, which represents 66.93% of the total. In addition, 54 of the companies involved receive aid from the CDTI for the first time.

Of the total projects, two are related to the health emergency caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. One has to do with the development of an intelligent platform for the simulation of COVID-19 scenarios in the tourism sector and the other seeks to develop a technological system made up of the hardware and software necessary to be able to offer products (antennas, locators and tags) and RTLS services on low energy beacon technologies (BLE) and ultra broadband technologies (UWB).

Operations co-financed with the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

In this Council, 41 of the 129 operations approved are co-financed with the Multiregional Operational Program of Spain FEDER 2014-2020, with a public contribution (CDTI + FEDER) amounting to 21,501,431.28 euros.

Operations approved in May 2020 with ERDF co-financing 2014 – 2020

This Multi-regional Operational Program in Spain allows CDTI to offer a non-reimbursable tranche of up to 33% to projects co-financed by this program, regardless of the size of the beneficiary.

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