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Your territorial delegate, Alberto Cremades; the president of AJE Cádiz, Daniel Sánchez Ayala, and Belén Cazalla, responsible for the economic area of ​​the CEC, have been in charge of inaugurating this initiative that the CEA develops in collaboration with its territorial organizations, with the financing of the aforementioned Ministry of the Junta de Andalucía.

Cremades highlighted during his speech the involvement of the Andalusian Government with the venture. "It is a pride that the Ministry of Economy finance sessions like these, and be able to participate in them because they help to extract all the potential that exists in this land." The Junta de Andalucía has recently presented new measures and grants for self-employed workers, which in the province of Cádiz will have an estimated budget of 3.9 million euros, which will benefit 3,270 self-employed workers and self-employed workers. The aids are divided into two main groups: those of the Stimulus program and those of Entrepreneurship. The objective of these is to promote the development of new companies, making available to entrepreneurs a space to facilitate the private investment of business projects.

On the part of business organizations, the role of this type of spaces has been highlighted in order to promote entrepreneurial and entrepreneurial talent. "A favorable climate is created for private investment that facilitates access to financing new business initiatives. Young entrepreneurs need motivation through the support of administrations and private investors, since they are committed to innovative projects that benefit the economic development of the province.

The Forum included a presentation on how to get investment for companies, a session of Elevator Speech, in which 20 selected projects have been presented before a Round of Financing, networking and B2B business meetings for all attendees. The investors represented Bankia, Business in Fact, Univen Capital SA, SCR Finout and Financial CSF. These meetings are being held continuously in Cádiz, Córdoba, Granada, Málaga and Seville.

Through this project, the free technical advice and support necessary for the start-up and consolidation of business projects is provided, from the preparation of the business plan, viability of the project, administrative procedures for its implementation, information on available aids. incentives, financing and marketing plan.

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