The Centro # Dramático Nacional premieres «Siglo mio, bestia mía», by Lola Blasco, directed by Marta Pazos

The Valle-Inclán Theater hosts the world premiere of this text, awarded with the 2016 National Prize for Dramatic Literature

Co-produced by # Dramático y Voadora, the work presents a committed and political look at a world in crisis passed through the author's most poetic and intimate sieve

The staging is carried out by Marta Pazos, leader of the avant-garde Galician company Voadora, and has Bruna Cusí, Jose Díaz, Miquel Insua, César Louzán, Hugo Torres and the author herself in the cast

Tomorrow it opens in the Francisco Nieva Room of the Valle-Inclán Theater of the # Dramático Nacional Center, My century, my beast, work for which Lola blasco received the 2016 National Prize for Dramatic Literature, and developed under the program of Development of Current Dramaturgies with which INAEM supports the creation of new and innovative dramatic texts each year.

With the metaphor of a whaling ship as the place from which the action unfolds, Blasco addresses horror, suffering, through the beauty of poetry. Defined by the author as "the emotional cartography of an era", Blasco affirms that the work "speaks of the personal crisis, the crisis of a political system, even the crisis of a value system." Behind the characters of this maritime journey to meet the white beast lies a historical, political and social story about the confrontation of cultures, prejudices towards what is different, and even lack of love.

Marta Pazos, whom the author invited to direct the text, highlights that what captivated her from the first reading was that “it is a deeply poetic work, about a woman who is broken with love, trying to get ahead in the middle of nowhere; and how by placing his body in the wind, he manages to leave the pain of the past behind and look to the future with light ”.

Pazos, who is co-founder, artistic director and playwright of Voadora -co-producers of the montage together with # Dramático- carries out a staging that draws on the personal style of the renowned Galician company, with its own language based on visual arts, music, the hybridization of disciplines and stage research. And he recognizes a special illusion to return to the Centro # Dramático Nacional, where he has already landed on previous occasions in front of productions such as his celebrated version of Summer night Dream, Garage, a poetic investigation on the change in the role of women in the European socio-economic framework, or the video creation I'm human, shot during confinement for the online programming of the # Dramatic "The CDN window".

The cast of My century, my beast It is composed of the author herself, Lola blasco, Bruna Cusí (Goya for Best New Actress in 2018 for Summer, 1993), Jose Díaz, Miquel Insua, César Louzán Y Hugo Torres.

My century, my beast will be from the eleven from November to 20 December in the Francisco Nieva Room dthe Valle-Inclán Theater.

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