The CEO of Siemens Spain and president of Siemens Gamesa, Miguel Ángel López, stressed that "innovation is key to competitiveness and its potential is enormous", and that the company he leads was the first to present "the digital factory", during his speech at the CEOE CEPYME Business Meetings.

In these meetings, which have been held today in Madrid under the title "How to lead the industrial digitalization", Miguel Ángel López has also highlighted that "The Spanish manufacturing industry has lost weight in recent months, falling to 12.6% of GDP", because "it competes with countries with less wage costs and looser environmental policies", so "we are very far from countries like Germany, with an industrial 20% in its GDP".

He also referred to the digital transformation as "a reality that is already here and offers us the possibility of changing the way we relate to the world to do it in a more respectful, more sustainable and more efficient way", while emphasizing that this digitization process "will change the lives of our children and grandchildren". For this, he said, "you have to convert the vast amounts of data into value, to make the most appropriate decisions." In this regard, he assured that "50% of the data that exists today has been generated last year and only 0.5% has been analyzed".

Regarding the situation that Spain occupies in digital processes, it stated that "It is advancing, but it is still far from the countries that are in the lead". Thus, it is ranked 45th in the world ranking in digitization, while by the weight of our economy we are ranked 15 ".

For his part, the president of CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, stressed that "innovation and digitalization are two key elements for the future of companies and the country," and stressed the importance of a company "with more than 120 years of experience in Spain".

Finally, Gerardo Cuerva, president of CEPYME, closed the meeting, thanking the sponsoring companies -Cuatrecasas and Hewlett Packard Enterprise- for making these Meetings possible, and highlighted the need for "an alliance to accompany SMEs in innovation processes".

With these meetings, the two business organizations promote a space to exchange ideas and experiences that explain how leaders and companies have faced the challenges demanded by globalization and innovation.

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