The CEOE Concessions Commission celebrates a conference in which the Report “Social benefits of the concession model in road management” was presented

This morning the meeting of the CEOE Concessions Commission was held under the chairmanship of Julián Núñez, in which professor Juan Manuel Vassallo (Polytechnic University of Madrid) presented the Report “Social benefits of the concession model in road managements ”, which analyzes the advantages of the concession system.

At the meeting, the advantages of the public-private partnership model and the great opportunity offered by said model to optimize European funds for the economic recovery of Spain were exposed. Likewise, the president of the Commission has reported on the parliamentary processing of different bills that affect the concession sector.

The meeting of the Commission has also served to reaffirm the need to remove regulatory obstacles for the proper development of the concession system and public-private collaboration in Spain, such as the modification of the Deindexation Law, or the reactivation of the National Evaluation Office.

In this sense, the Department of Digitization, Innovation, Trade and Infrastructure, on which the Concessions Commission depends, will coordinate the proposals for legal reforms and investment opportunities that are configured from the concession sector to collaborate with the Recovery Plan of the Spanish economy.

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