The Commission of Intensive Specialized Services in People (CSEIP) of CEOE has held its constitutive meeting in the house of entrepreneurs. The purpose of this Commission is to represent the sectors of service companies that carry out their activity for both public and private clients, defending the outsourcing of benefits as a globally consolidated commercial trend that represents a first-rate element of competitiveness in our days.

The Commission, chaired by María José Álvarez, president of the Eulen Group, aims to provide proposals for the risks to which companies in these sectors are exposed, whose activity is determined by the influence that people have, both in terms of of cost as of operation. In this regard, it should be noted that the companies represented in this Commission contribute around 5% of national GDP and provide employment at a figure that exceeds 1.8 million people.

In order to fulfill the mission and objectives set for the year 2019, the CSEIP is committed to a pragmatic approach, trying to find fast development actions and with immediate impact on the activity of the companies in the sector.

More information on the objectives, role and Action Plan 2019 of this Commission can be found at CSEIP Technical Data Sheet

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