The Councilor and Spokesperson for VOX in the municipality of Bezana, Luis Vázquez, has expressed the contrary opinion of his party to eliminate the current name of the José Escandón School Center in Soto de la Marina, which is based on a "Ideological evil."

For Vázquez, "Part of the responsibility" of this decision "Arbitrary" may fall on the School Council; but question if it is "legitimate" than a school "Can be abstracted" of the population in which it is based and omit its history and roots. "This decision being serious", says the Councilor, "The worst is the ideological evil that underlies this arbitrary and unfair decision."

“We do not know who the idea of ​​removing the name of José Escandón came from. But betraying the memory of a son of Soto de la Marina who never forgot his land and demonstrated it with facts that have remained in history: the place names in Mexico and the USA and his donation so that a school was founded in his native town is, simply a despicable injustice ”, Luis Vázquez has affirmed.

For Vox, the City Council presented a report in which it tries to explain its vote in favor of the change of name, "Putting the bandage before the wound" and expressing that "They knew the social repercussion that this elimination could have". "They did not respond to their role as guarantor of the memory of the history of the town and the significance of the character", emphasizes Vázquez who adds that "We are talking about a school rooted for 250 years that already had a name and not a new school to be baptized."

Finally, the Vox Councilor has affirmed that the decision to change the name of the school "Leaves a glaring injustice that must be redressed." Therefore, from Vox they propose to replace "For being of justice" the name of José Escandón to the school of Soto de la Marina.

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