The Civil Guard acquires 50 electric vehicles

The General Director of the Civil Guard has visited the warehouse where the vehicles are received

The acquisition and subsequent distribution of the vehicles and their scope of use, is aimed at port areas and airports

With this new acquisition, the commitment that the Institution has acquired in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for the conservation of the environment, as well as the reduction of costs

The General Director, María Gámez, has visited the warehouse of electric vehicles received by the Civil Guard. The acquisition and subsequent distribution of the 50 vehicles and their scope of use is aimed at port areas and airports, since in these closed facilities there are already established charging points, which facilitates their use.

Within the scope of CSR, the Civil Guard wants to reinforce its commitment to preserving the environment and carry out, among other actions, those aimed at reducing gas emissions from the vehicles that make up its fleet as much as possible.

The 50 vehicles purchased are from the Nissan brand, LEAF model, pure electric with a 40 Kw battery, equipped with a specific uniformed transformation (KIT Patrol).

Until the commissioning of this acquisition, only one vehicle with pure electric technology was available in the Corps, acquired in 2016, which was destined to serve units at Madrid's Adolfo Suárez Airport, serving as a test bed in the use of this technology during these years, having reached the conclusion that it is effective in this area of ​​services, economically and above all ecologically clean


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