The Civil Guard after more than 8 hours of march evacuates the lifeless body of a missing hiker in Gredos

The rescue lasted 24 hours since the lifeless body was located given the characteristics of the terrain and adverse weather conditions

The Civil Guard, has rescued the corpse of the hiker who had disappeared last November 3.

At around 11:50 p.m. on November 3 of this year, the Civil Guard Operational Services Center (COS) was alerted by Emergencies 112, that a hiker has not returned to the Gredos Platform where he had left stationed your vehicle
For this reason, the Acting Protocol was activated where two specialists from the Civil Guard Rescue and Mountain Group initiated the search and location device.
The Civil Guard helicopter, based in Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid), was also activated, unable to make its flight due to weather conditions.
After more than 12 hours of searching on foot, withstanding strong gusts of wind, rain, snow and fog that entailed quite a danger to specialists, not only because of the weather but also because of the peculiarities of the terrain, the agents managed to locate a body without life of characteristics similar to those of the mountaineer disappeared in the area called “Canal Norte Clasica del Almanzor”, belonging to the municipality of Zapardiel de la Ribera (Ávila), at a height of 2,441 meters of altitude, so the Protocol was activated Judicial for these cases.
At 1:35 p.m. yesterday, 5 civil guards from Greim and another from Ereim, arrive again in the area where the deceased is, to make their rescue on foot and on a stretcher, making it impossible to do it by helicopter because the weather had worsened.
At 9:25 p.m., the six civil guards arrive at the Gredos Platform where they were waiting for a forensic van, the Judicial Police Team of the Civil Guard and family members who, after recognizing the body, are transferred to the Health Center of Navarredonda de Gredos .
The doctor certified the death and was transported to the Forensic Anatomical Institute of Avila who will determine the causes of death.

Tips and recommendations

The Civil Guard advises that always and before doing any sporting activity in the mountains, whatever its nature It is very necessary and convenient to study and know all those challenges that you will face, in addition to assessing the technical and material preparation that is available, that is, whatever activity we choose to make an exit to the mountain, it is always It is necessary to take the necessary security measures to avoid any kind of problem or unforeseen. We must do a good previous planning and be aware of having a good equipment and physical and psychic conditions appropriate to the difficulty that is going to be carried out.
How to make an exit to the mountain safely:
1.- Before going out to the mountain you have to inform yourself about the weather conditions and their evolution. It is totally discouraged or even do excursions if the weather does not accompany, the ideal is that the sky is completely clear and that the temperatures are adequate or too many rises or falls.
2.- Plan the available routes always choosing the one that suits your level. You have to find out the duration and carry a map of the route.
3.- It is also not recommended to go alone, you have to carry a mobile phone or other device that can communicate with your loved ones, informing them previously of what is going to be done, the area that you are going to travel and the duration forecasts.
4.- It is essential to bring material and the appropriate equipment for the climate in which it will be (if possible that the first visible garment is of a striking color), the route that is going to be made and the unevenness that there may be. It is important to carry the basic material such as the compass and water, as well as warm clothes, a light and a spare battery for it.
5.- It is very convenient to study the basic safety standards and that most of the paths are marked, Never ignore the signage drawn.
6.- In case of accident warn to 062 Civil Guard or Emergency Services 112. Keep calm, and as soon as said call is made, the number of people injured and age, location of the accident, the situation of the injured person (s) should be said (if injured, conscious , breathe, bleed …) as well as the weather conditions. Important: Do not move from the place from which the warning is happening, and if you can provide the exact location better.


The Civil Guard recommends to citizens, the download of the AlertCops Application, to communicate quickly, free and accurately with the State Security Forces and Corps in case of emergency. People with hearing or oral communication difficulties can also use it.
This app is for:
– Notify a criminal act.
– Warn a police security alert
– Receive notices and alerts of interest in the field of citizen security.
In the case of reporting criminal acts or illegal conduct, the app guarantees the anonymity of the complainants.
The app allows to receive warning messages on mobile phones, when it is in an area affected by incidents.

For more information you can contact the Peripheral Office of Communication of the Civil Guard of Avila at 920 22 44 00 ext 228.


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