The Civil Guard and the Dutch police arrest a person linked to violent radical groups for arms trafficking

During the searches carried out in the Netherlands, in addition to firearms, tools for the manufacture of cocaine and hashish that the detainee had in a clandestine laboratory were intervened.

The detainee was known for his links with violent radical groups

The Civil Guard in collaboration with the Dutch Politie in Rotterdam have recently arrested a 47-year-old man living in the Netherlands who would have acquired more than 20 detonating firearms that could be transformed into live firearms and introduced into criminal and violent circles.

The investigation is the result of prevention, intelligence analysis and international information exchange work carried out by the Civil Guard Information Service, which allowed the detection of a series of shipments containing this type of firearms destined for the Netherlands. alerting the authorities of that country to initiate an investigation in this regard.
The initial investigations carried out confirmed that the possible recipient of the weapons was a manager of a Dutch establishment classified as radical and violent, an extreme that reinforced the initial suspicions that the destination of said weapons could be criminal or violent circles.
The permanent coordination between both bodies and the intensification of early detection systems for several weeks, made it possible to detect in real time other new shipments of weapons that had the same recipient, which allowed the Dutch police to carry out a controlled delivery of one of the shipments that culminated in the arrest of the suspect, just at the time of receiving the package.
In the searches carried out at the home and in two commercial establishments of the detainee, 6 firearms and detonating weapons were seized, one of them hidden in a double bottom of his vehicle, and brass knuckles. In addition, a clandestine laboratory for the production of cocaine and hashish was discovered, intervening machinery, tools and cutting substances, as well as several money counting machines.
The joint operation carried out by the Civil Guard and the Dutch Politie in Rotterdam has made it possible to dismantle an important distribution point for weapons and narcotic substances to the Dutch criminal and radical circles.
This fight against the trafficking of arms and explosives and its possible links with terrorist organizations and criminal groups, make the effort against this threat one of the priorities of both the Current Political Cycle of the European Union, led at European level by the Guard Civil as DRIVER of the EMPACT of Firearms, as well as of the national security strategy. In the last five years, the Civil Guard Information Service has carried out more than 92 operations against arms trafficking networks with the result of 435 people arrested, more than 4,845 firearms seized (many of them from war) and 609,625 Intervened metal cartridges, 188kg of explosive substances, more than € 700,000 in cash and 20 clandestine workshops dismantled.
The operation has been developed jointly by the Information Headquarters (UCE-3) of the Civil Guard, the Information Group of the Teruel Civil Guard Command and the Rotterdam National Police (Netherlands).


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