The Civil Guard and the Tax Agency apprehend 1,400 kilos on the beach of Guardias Viejas, El Ejido (Almería)

Three people have been arrested and 47 bales of hashish have been seized, a van used to load drugs and 30 bottles of gasoline

The Civil Guard and the Tax Agency have arrested three people as alleged perpetrators of a crime against public health, and have seized 47 bales of hashish weighing 1,400 kilograms in a cache on the beach of Guardias Viejas de El Ejido (Almería ).

The intervention took place when air means of the Tax Agency detected a semi-rigid vessel in the Alboran Sea, establishing a joint operation between members of the Civil Guard and the Tax Agency's Customs Surveillance Service to coordinate the monitoring of said vessel.
Once the boat made landfall on the beach of Guardias Viejas, municipality of El Ejido (Almería), the agents deployed in the area were able to observe how several people came out to meet the boat with a van to begin loading the bales of hashish.
At that moment, the agents thwarted the cache and detained three people, intervening 47 bales of hashish, -37 already in the van and ten on the beach itself.
In addition, 30 bottles of gasoline prepared to load on the semi-rigid boat that escaped due to the high speed reached by this type of boat have been seized.


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