The Civil Guard arrests a man for skipping confinement to skid with his car on public roads

This person did not have a valid driving license

The Civil Guard has investigated a person for his involvement in a crime against road safety for driving a motor vehicle while deprived of permission by judicial decision.

The investigation began when agents received a call alerting that in the town of Escacena del Campo (Huelva), a driver was skidding the car through the streets of a town development.

Once there, the agents were able to observe how two people were at the scene changing the wheel of a vehicle, so the agents proceeded to report them for violating the confinement decreed during the state of alarm.

After subsequent investigations, the agents were able to verify that one of the accused was who carried out the skids, having a temporary suspension to drive motor vehicles, in addition to having a record of various crimes against road safety and infractions of the General Traffic Regulations.

For more information, you can contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Civil Guard of Huelva, on the phones 959 24 19 00 (Ext. 285)


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