The Civil Guard arrests in Alicante a young man who used online video game platforms to spread DAESH propaganda

The arrested had developed an intense activity of editing and disseminating jihadist content

He actively participated in multiple internet platforms where rooms on weapons and online games stood out

In the framework of a joint investigation by the FBI and the Civil Guard Information Service, a young man has been arrested in San Vicente del Raspeig (Alicante) for spreading jihadist propaganda on different internet platforms.

In his publications he showed his complete affinity with the most violent postulates of the terrorist group DAESH, with the editing and dissemination of multiple audiovisual content of terrorist content.
The arrested man had managed to personally manage various forums and multimedia repositories linked to the official network of DAESH, broadcasting thousands of video files and abundant information on the creation, use and handling of weapons.
The detainee had previously been very ideologically involved with the red skin movement and had various police records, both at home and at school.
His jump as an active collaborator of jihadist terrorism occurred in 2019, having gone unnoticed in his environment since he spent almost the entire day connected to the virtual environment from his home.
In his propaganda work he has used online video game platforms, – of a violent nature -, thus allowing him to contact -among other environments- with younger people, including some, minors.
The activity of the detainee through internet platforms fully corresponded to the propaganda strategy developed by DAESH. This operation has neutralized an important and active focus of expansion and diffusion of the jihadist ideology that also had a multitude of international connections.
Furthermore, the detainee was highly aware of the use of security measures and the use of communication platforms that guarantee great anonymity. Investigators have needed multiple resources for many months to demonstrate the degree of involvement of this subject with the terrorist cause, the scope of the activity he was carrying out and the danger that it could pose.
The joint work between the Civil Guard and the FBI highlights the close cooperation and commitment between the two institutions in the area of ​​terrorism, and the decisive need to focus as many international efforts as possible against the propaganda strategy of DAESH.
In the fight against jihadist terrorism, international cooperation is a factor of utmost importance due to the determining factor generated by the high mobility of terrorists and the use of social networks and internet applications.
Since the elevation to level 4 of the anti-terrorist alert in June 2015, the Civil Guard has reinforced all the operational devices and lines of investigation related to the terrorist threat, especially those involving individuals immersed in a process of radicalization that could lead to displacement to conflict zone or in the commission of terrorist actions in the countries of residence.


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