The Civil Guard arrests six people for marijuana cultivation and fraud of electric fluid during the state of alarm

The investigation has been carried out in two phases, with the arrest of two people in the first and the remaining four in the second.

255 kilograms of marijuana have been intervened, which were found in two homes in Venturada (Madrid) and Illescas (Toledo)

Agents of the Civil Guard, belonging to the Torrelaguna Post, have managed to arrest six people within the framework of the "Mencil operation" and dismantle two marijuana plantations that were hidden in single-family homes in Venturada and Illescas.

The investigation began after the agents located a house located in an urbanization in the town of Venturada, to which the now detainees regularly came, skipping the state of alarm, alternating their visits to avoid being denounced if they were identified.
Given the well-founded suspicions that some type of criminal activity could be housed inside the home, last week we proceeded to the entry and search of the Venturada home, where the civil guards found a marijuana plantation distributed throughout the home in advanced germination state.
Two people were found inside the house, who were in charge of growing and caring for the plants and on whom the agents had focused their investigation, proceeding to their arrest. Likewise, 587 marijuana plants, documentation, fertilizers, lamps and machinery for the elaboration and cultivation of narcotic substances were intervened. A “puncture” was also detected in the electrical network, made to distort the high electricity consumption and go unnoticed.
As a result of the investigation, the agents found indications that made them suspect that another related home could be found in the Toledo municipality of Illescas, proceeding to open a second phase to clarify the events.
For this reason, on April 4, this house was entered and searched, the agents found bags containing more than 8 kilograms of marijuana, 3,000 euros in fractional currency, bottles of fertilizers, 2,000 grams of MDMA, scales and packaging machines. They also arrested the four people who were in the house.
The detainees are six men of Albanian origin, with ages between 30 and 45 years of age, who for these events are charged with crimes belonging to a criminal group, against public health and defrauding electricity.


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