The Civil Guard breaks up several organizations dedicated to the logistical support of "narcolanchas" and the smuggling of tobacco in the Campo de Gibraltar

Operation “OS 1-20” has allowed the arrest of 65 people, the seizure of 20 semi-rigid boats, 42,074 packs of tobacco and more than 5,500 liters of fuel that were destined to supply “narco-boats”

On the other hand, 3 other people have been arrested for money laundering from drug trafficking

The Civil Guard, in the framework of the operation OS 1-20, developed in Algeciras, has arrested 65 people, seized 20 semi-rigid boats, 42,074 packs of tobacco and more than 5,500 liters of fuel that were destined to the supply of "narcolanchas". Also, these groups took advantage of their infrastructure to illegally introduce tobacco from Gibraltar through different points on the Campo de Gibraltar coast.

It should be noted that the members of these groups did not hesitate to carry out these illicit activities during the state of sanitary alarm, as they were repeat offenders in breach of it, even making unjustified movements on numerous occasions.

The organization carried out these activities sometimes in broad daylight, generating great social alarm among the residents of the affected towns, who sometimes posted videos on the social networks of the various police operations deployed. As a result, they are the images that were disclosed on social networks earlier this month where the persecution by sea, land and air of a boat that launched against the Linense coast when it was chased by the Civil Guard helicopter and different patrol boats with total disregard for the physical integrity of the bathers and where the arrest of all the occupants of the same and the seizure of the boat was achieved.

Another of the deployed operations that transcended was the one carried out also in early June in the Bay of Algeciras, specifically between the Guadarranque river and the Puente Mayorga neighborhood, where after various police persecutions by land and sea 7 boats were intervened, a vehicle and 6,500 packs of tobacco, one person going to court.

As a result of the different actions carried out, 65 people have been arrested and brought to justice, as well as 20 semi-rigid boats and 25 outboard engines have been seized, which were used interchangeably for the supply of "narco-boats" such as tobacco smuggling. Likewise, as a result of the deployed operations, more than 42,000 packs of tobacco of foreign origin have been intervened, with a value that exceeds € 168,000 and more than 5,500 liters of gasoline destined to the supply of "narcolanchas", dealing a severe blow. to the infrastructure and operational capacity of these criminal groups.

The appropriate proceedings with the detainees were made available to the investigative courts acting as guard for the judicial parties of La Línea and San Roque.

The actions have been carried out by the La Guardia de la Concepción Civil Guard Company, with the support of the Provincial Maritime Service and the Citizen Security Unit of the Algeciras Civil Guard Command.

Operation Luky

On the other hand, within the framework of the Luky operation, the Civil Guard has arrested three people, including a married couple, for an alleged crime of money laundering from drug trafficking and the seizure of movable property and real estate and financial products, valued at more than 600,000 euros. Likewise, an illegal firearm has been intervened, with abundant ammunition and a breeding farm for fighting cocks with more than 84 individual cages.

The detainees enjoyed a luxury home valued at more than € 600,000, as well as several high-end vehicles.

The study of the movable and immovable property acquired by the couple, as well as the analysis of their bank accounts and financial products, proved an increase in assets, exceeding € 600,000, in a short period of time, which is not justified by the working life of both of them. The circumstance occurred that the marriage, with two daughters, enjoyed social benefits in the absence of labor income.

The investigation has been directed by the Court of First Instance and Instruction nº 02 of those of San Roque (Cádiz)

For more information, you can contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Civil Guard of Algeciras, at 696 954 118 / 956.587235.


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