The Civil Guard carries out more than 24,000 actions related to animal protection during the first half of the year

23,617 have been for administrative infractions (such as cases in which the animals do not have adequate hygienic-sanitary conditions or are not identified as a mark by the regulations, among others) and 563 for crimes

SEPRONA works to eradicate poaching, illegal trafficking of species, mistreatment of domestic animals, illegal use of poisons or the degradation of ecosystems

The Civil Guard has carried out 24,180 actions related to animals during the first semester of this year, of which 23,617 have been for administrative offenses (such as cases in which the animals do not have adequate hygienic-sanitary conditions or not are identified as a trademark in the regulations, among others) and 563 for crimes of which 365 of these crimes are due to abandonment and animal abuse with 333 people arrested or investigated for these events.

Animal abuse

In recent years there has been an extraordinary evolution in the protection and defense of animals and the conditions necessary for their well-being, which has been accompanied by extensive regulatory development, necessary in the fight against real mafias and criminal organizations behind these behaviors.
As a result, SEPRONA recently discovered an illegal zoo where approximately 150 animals were found in dire conditions that made people fear for their lives. The Civil Guard has also in recent years incorporated new techniques for the detection of animal abuse, assisted by the Criminalistics Service. This year, the bone remains of greyhounds and lynxes have been analyzed to discover those responsible for the crimes.

Trafficking of Protected Species

Species trafficking has become one of the most lucrative activities, moving billions of euros every year. In terms of organized crime, it constitutes, together with human trafficking, drug trafficking and counterfeiting, one of the most important threats at a global level.
The traffic of this type of species is usually mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, plants, among others, since this type of business creates large economic benefits.


As with the trafficking of species and animal abuse, the Civil Guard fights against the capture of unauthorized wildlife. In most cases, poaching is carried out by people who hunt on hunting grounds not authorized by the owners of the same.
The investigations carried out on a national scale in recent years reveal the existence of very specialized organizations in the practice of poaching big game.
Coinciding with the beginning of the hunting season in many Autonomous Communities, the Civil Guard reinforces the surveillance and control devices for hunting in order to preserve biodiversity and animal protection

Animal Protection

The daily activity carried out by the Civil Guard is aimed at inspecting pet stores, visiting farms and other large breeding centers, supervising the transport of all kinds of animals and arresting those who mistreat animals. Likewise, other actions are also carried out such as the rescue of specimens in critical situation or the transfer and / or custody of animals involved in operations in order to provide them with a better destination.
From the Civil Guard, the importance of animals in human life is valued and not only from a social point of view, through companion animals, but the fundamental role they play in the balance of ecosystems in the planet. It is therefore a fundamental task of all to respect them, preserve the habitats in which they live in freedom and take care of those we are in charge of.


Companion animals are living things and should be treated with the respect they deserve.
It should not be forgotten that a pet is an animal, not a person, and although it is treated as a member of the family from love, its nature must be respected and treated and cared for according to the species to which it belongs.
Animals are not a toy, so before their purchase or adoption, the responsibility that their care implies must be taken into account, and the owner must undertake to ensure their health and care for them properly.
Exotic species, sometimes highly demanded by society, can be a real problem when they are introduced into habitats that are not native, and can even cause the death and extinction of fauna in their environment. Invasive species are a real environmental problem, that is why when you want to acquire a species that is not very common in our environment, we must always do it with the required guarantees and in specialized stores.
It should not be forgotten that an option when buying a pet can be adoption. There are many animals in the care of public and private centers waiting to find a family.


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