The Civil Guard clarifies a murder in Madrid that the authors tried to camouflage under an alleged outrage

The agents suspected that it had not been a run over since the first technical visual inspection was carried out.

Behind the murder there was an economic motive, even going so far as to provide the victim with life insurance whose main beneficiary was one of the perpetrators

Civil Guards belonging to the Madrid Traffic Sector, have managed to clarify within the framework of the “Butanos” operation the murder of a 35-year-old man and the arrest of the perpetrators.

The events date back to September last year when the lifeless body of a male appeared on the Camino de Cuesta Alta, municipality of Ciempozuelos (Madrid). Agents from the Traffic Sector went to the scene and began a first investigation into an alleged road accident consisting of a hit-and-run on a pedestrian and subsequent escape of the perpetrator from the scene.
The visual inspection carried out at the scene led the agents to determine that the event had not occurred in such a way, but rather that an outrage had been simulated to divert and hinder the police investigation, and the crime of murder was actually behind the incident.
After the collection of several demonstrations by people close to the victim's environment, two people with a multitude of antecedents and residents of the area were identified as suspected suspects.
During almost a year of investigation, it has been possible to show that the victim and the perpetrators had maintained a friendship relationship and that behind the accidental assumption of the outrage was a plan that those involved had devised for an economic motive, even going so far as to carry out insurance life to the victim being one of them the main beneficiary of the same.
Given the seriousness of the events and the imminent departure of one of the perpetrators from our country, the Civil Guard has proceeded to arrest them.
One of the arrests took place in the public establishment that the authors ran in Valdemoro and the other, in the Adolfo Suárez Madrid Barajas airport when the second accused was preparing to leave our country on an international flight.
The detainees are residents of Ciempozuelos, with numerous records of crimes related to the illegal possession of weapons, fraud, robbery and drug trafficking.
The investigation remains open in the sense of determining the degree of involvement of other people as cover-ups for the fact, two people having already been investigated for this reason.
The detainees have been turned over to the competent judicial authority.
For more information, you can contact the Press Office of the Madrid Civil Guard Command at 91.807.39.02.


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