The Civil Guard clarifies the fatal outrage that occurred in Luceni (Zaragoza)

In the accident, which occurred last March, a 54-year-old man was killed who was lying in the ditch of the VP-24 and was not helped by the tourist driver

Investigators located the vehicle with which the accident occurred submerged in the interior of the Ebro riverbed and it was divided into several parts

3 people have been arrested and 4 investigated with different degrees of involvement in the events

The Civil Guard has clarified the fatal outrage that occurred last March in the municipality of Luceni (Zaragoza) in which a 54-year-old man was killed. 3 people have been detained and 7 implicated in these events have been investigated and the vehicle with which the accident occurred, which was submerged in the Ebro riverbed, has been located.

Locating a corpse

On March 11, the Civil Guard learned of the presence of the lifeless body of a male who was lying in the ditch of the VP-24, at kilometer 9,500, in the municipality of Luceni. To that place, members of the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police and attestations of the Zaragoza Traffic Subsector were transferred, who took charge of the investigation, determined that the victim had been run over the previous afternoon by a passenger who fled and whose occupant did not help the person who was run over. The victim was a 54-year-old man from Luceni.
The agents in charge of the investigation managed to locate, arrest and investigate a group of 7 people involved in different degrees in the incident. Three of them (two men and one woman) were arrested, among whom was the alleged perpetrator of the outrage, who is charged with a crime of reckless homicide, omission of the duty to help and abandoning the scene of the accident. The rest of those involved are charged with crimes of omission of the duty of relief and concealment.

Vehicle submerged in the river

Suspecting that the detainees had hidden the vehicle with which the accident occurred, the Civil Guard began to carry out numerous procedures and inspections in the areas near the accident site, expanding the search radius as possible places in its location were ruled out. with the aim of obtaining clues that would allow the exact location of tourism.
The investigators were able to determine that said vehicle could be submerged inside the Ebro riverbed, near the town of Alagón, for which reason the Group of Specialists in Underwater Activities of the Civil Guard was activated to inspect the riverbed. They located various parts of a car that once extracted and inspected it was concluded that it was the vehicle involved in the hit-and-run. In an attempt to avoid being located, the perpetrators of this accident divided the vehicle into several parts before throwing it from a bridge that is located in that stretch of the river.
The proceedings have been sent to the Investigating Court no. 1 of Zaragoza, and units of the Civil Guard of Zaragoza and Huesca have participated in the investigation.


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