The Civil Guard collaborates in the distribution of medicines to citizens furthest from urban centers

These are families who live in areas far from the urban centers of the province of Teruel.

This type of services have been reinforced to serve the citizen due to the health alarm decreed in the country

The Civil Guard of Teruel, is collaborating with the approach of medicines to the citizens furthest from the urban centers. This type of services have been reinforced to attend to the citizen due to the health alarm decreed in the country, especially in localities whose population experiences a greater degree of dissemination both due to the remoteness of these municipalities from the larger population centers, such as due to the advanced age of its inhabitants, who in turn lack their own means of transportation.

As a result, the Civil Guard contacted a resident couple in the Teruel town of Torres las Arcas (Montalbán-Teruel), who indicated their need for a series of vital medications.

For this reason, the agents contacted the local pharmacist and after following all the established procedures to obtain the aforementioned medications, the medications were delivered to the couple's home.

Major Security Plan

Due to the state of alarm, the Civil Guard has reinforced the Major Security Plan, now very important since there will be many older people who need help, especially in small towns. This Plan is aimed at preventing and improving the safety of our elderly .

The objective of the Plan is to Prevent the main threats detected for the safety of the elderly. Likewise, the Security Forces and Corps establish communication and collaboration mechanisms with the environment of the elderly (professionals at the service of the centers visited, family members, associations of the elderly, etc …), arranging with them meetings in the that police experts can offer technical assistance and support.

Likewise, the agents establish stable channels of communication and collaboration with those organizations and entities involved in the safety of our elders or with the capacity for the early detection of risk situations or crimes.

It is, on the one hand, to provide them with information and guidance on the security problems of the elderly that affect these entities in their professional work and, on the other hand, to seek their collaboration in the prompt reporting of possible crimes and in the identification of criminal patterns and trends.

For more details, you can contact the Press Office of the Teruel Civil Guard Command, contact phone 987601300 ext 240 or 696907980.


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