The Civil Guard collaborates in the distribution of sanitary, school and food materials in rural areas

In Mérida (Badajoz), the Civil Guard has distributed 850 artisan robes in nursing homes, made by volunteers

In Alcalá de Xivert-Alcossebre (Castellón), the Civil Guard and the Local Police have made a donation to the Food Bank of said town

In Navarra, we have collaborated with the transfer of food and the distribution of school supplies in various locations

The Civil Guard has collaborated in the distribution of sanitary, school and food materials in municipalities in various provinces, within the effort that is being made to intensify this type of humanitarian activity to the most vulnerable people and in the most isolated rural areas.

In Merida (Badajoz), the Traffic School of the Civil Guard, carried out the distribution of 850 artisan garments among various old people's homes. These gowns have been made by the BatasBadajoz movement, which currently has more than 70 volunteers and who make artisan PPE gowns, to later deliver them to the elderly centers or other places in need of sanitary material for protection against COVID-19. .

The donation of most of the material used to make the robes has been in charge of El Corte Inglés and Carrefour de Badajoz. The Civil Guard has collaborated by delivering robes at the “Rosalva” Residence, at the Home for Little Sisters of the Elderly “Sta. Teresa Jornet ”, in the“ Los Olivos ”Residence and in the“ El Prado ”Residence, all in Mérida.

The group of volunteers keeps the account open for anyone who wants to contribute material or join the confection

In the town of Alcalá de Xivert-Alcossebre (Castellón), The Civil Guard and the Local Police have delivered more than 100 kilos of food from the Alcala de Xivert Barracks to the Food Bank of said locality. The families of the local civil guards and police have participated in this initiative, stocking up mainly on basic foodstuffs, as well as those that are scarce, such as all kinds of gluten-free, lactose-free foods, etc.

In Navarre, the Civil Guard has intensified the effort in rural areas with the dual objective of providing those less populated areas with the support of the Civil Guard and also avoiding as far as possible the displacement of people from these areas, generally older and therefore of greater risk.

Since the beginning of the state of alarm, Civil Guard patrols have transferred medications from various pharmacies in the town of Sangüesa to almost fifty missionaries from the Missionary Residence of Jesus Christ in the town of Javier and to an elderly couple from the town of Sada.

Also in Navarra, school supplies have been distributed to 30 students from the primary education cycle and 5 women from the adult education program from various locations in La Barranca, at the request of the Directors of the San Benito Primary School in the town of Miranda de Arga and the Alsasua Adult Education Center.

For more information, you can contact the Peripheral Communication Offices of the Civil Guard of Badajoz at 924 205 750 (Ext. 219) or 630 72 80 35, Castellón at 964 224600 (Ext. 241) or 628.140.650 and Navarra, at 948 296850 (Ext. 45200) or 636 22 06 42.


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