The Civil Guard collaborates with the Lincolnshire Police (United Kingdom) in the location of 4 underground cannabis plantations

They were distributed in several bunkers distributed more than 6 meters deep, under tons of waste from a recycling plant used as a cover

This collaboration arises as a result of the exploitation of Operation Hannibal, in which the first clandestine "underground" tobacco factory in Europe was dismantled by the Civil Guard in the province of Malaga.

Major operation carried out in Skendleby, near the East Coast of the United Kingdom

Components of the Economic Crime Group of the Central Operational Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard, moved to the United Kingdom earlier this month, at the request of the Lincolnshire Police, to collaborate with them in the search and location of possible infrastructures illegal tobacco or drug production.

The police operation was carried out on a farm located in the municipality of Skendleby, Lincolnshire district (United Kingdom), where after several days of searching, a total of 4 bunkers were located more than 6 meters deep, in whose interior different phases of marijuana cultivation were carried out.

These bunkers consisted of 12 transport containers, whose accesses were hidden, with great security measures throughout the entire farm, where in addition to being an agricultural and livestock farm, it also had a recycling plant with more than 300 tons of illegal waste, a fact that made it difficult to locate the accesses to the bunkers.

Three people were arrested and according to British authorities, the value of the intervened substances would exceed £ 550,000.

Operation Hannibal; first "underground" factory located in Europe

Last February, the Economic Crime Group of the Central Operational Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard in collaboration with EUROPOL, dismantled an international criminal organization, based in the province of Malaga, dedicated mainly to the HANNIBAL operation. the trafficking of narcotic substances and the illicit production of large quantities of tobacco for subsequent distribution in other countries of the European Union.

This organization, led by citizens of English nationality, had installed and started up an illicit underground tobacco factory in the town of Monda (Málaga) throughout 2019, the first “underground” factory located in Europe. These facilities were hidden 4 meters under the ground of several horse stables, where both the material and machinery necessary to produce 3,500 cigarettes per hour were housed, as well as workers of Ukrainian nationality with technical knowledge and experience in the manufacture of cigarettes. In addition to counterfeit tobacco, a large amount of hashish and marijuana were intervened, until that moment its origin was unknown.

Once all the information obtained in this operation had been analyzed and shared with other police forces at the international level, the Civil Guard received a request for collaboration from the Lincolnshire Police, given the possibility of having located a similar casuistry in its territory as well. has been confirmed.

For more information, you can contact the Communication Office of the Central Operational Unit (UCO) at 915 146 010.


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