The Civil Guard collaborates with the National Gendarmerie of France in the security device of the G7 Summit

Since last August 12, the Civil Guard has deployed a hundred agents in France from the Units of Citizen, Fiscal and Border Security, Traffic Grouping, Reserve Grouping and Security, Rapid Action Group, Maritime Service and Service Aerial, among others

The General Directorate of Traffic recommends avoiding the border crossing of the Basque Country on August 24, 25 and 26, as withholdings and blockades are planned

The Civil Guard, on the occasion of the G7 summit, which will be held between August 24 and 26 in the French town of Biarritz, is actively participating in the operational security deployment, collaborating with the French National Gendarmerie .

This Summit will be attended by the Heads of State of the seven main powers, Germany, Canada, the United States, France, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom and this year the President of the acting Spanish Government will attend as a guest.
The operational deployment began on the 12th, when Civil Guard agents were integrated into French Gendarmerie Units, providing prevention services jointly.
Units and Specialties of the Civil Guard of Public, Fiscal and Border Security, of the Traffic Group, of the Reserve and Security Group, of the Rapid Action Group, of the Maritime Service and of the Air Service, among others, participate in this operation.
To this deployment, in order to reinforce security in the border area, the Territorial Units of the Border Commanders with France are added.
In this operation, the Civil Guard in France carries out preventive safety and identification tasks for vehicles and their occupants, communication routes as well as protection and security of critical infrastructures.
The operation is being directed from the Police Coordination Center, established in Biarritz, in which Civil Guard agents are framed for management, coordination and information exchange. Reciprocally, agents of the French Gendarmerie are integrated in Spain within the Civil Guard Units.
As the dates of the G7 summit approach, all the efforts that the Civil Guard is making will be increased with special units in the protection of events and people.
Both in Spanish territory and in France, the Civil Guard is intensifying the preventive services for border control, in order to avoid protest actions of the anti-globalization movement groups that form the so-called “counter-summit” that intend to oppose and destabilize the celebration of the G7 summit. In addition, since last August 19, Civil Guard Units of the Civil Guard have joined the deployment of the French Gendarmerie. In total 1,878 civil guards are participating in the security device established on both sides of the border.
The General Traffic Directorate has recommended avoiding the border crossing of the Basque Country on August 24, 25 and 26, as withholdings and blockades are foreseen. More information at -26-august.shtml

Civil Guard-National Gendarmerie Collaboration

These types of operations show the excellent results of the collaboration between Civil Guard and Gendarmerie. Note that in recent years agents of the two bodies have been carrying out joint training in the Academies and Teaching Centers in both countries.


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