The Civil Guard commemorates the 176th anniversary of its foundation

Due to the current state of alarm established by the health crisis arising from the covid19 virus, a symbolic act has been held in the General Directorate of the Body

The Civil Guard has commemorated the 176th anniversary of its founding with a symbolic act at the headquarters of the General Directorate of the Corps due to the current state of alarm established by the health crisis arising from the covid virus19.

The event, attended by a small representation of members of the Corps headed by the Director General, María Gámez, consisted of a Flag Raising, reading of the founding decrees and a tribute to the fallen, to all the deceased and, especially And those who have left us during this pandemic.

Civil Guard Foundation

The Civil Guard was created on March 28, 1844, by Royal Decree, as a special Corps of armed forces of infantry and cavalry with the name of Civil Guards. The responsibility for organizing this body was entrusted to Field Marshal Francisco Javier Girón y Ezpeleta, II Duque de Ahumada.

The Duke of Ahumada presented on April 20 a report on the organization of the Corps that caused the immediate repeal of the first Royal Decree, which did not even come into force, and the publication of a new one on May 13, 1844.

The Civil Guard today

The Civil Guard is present throughout the national territory, exercising the responsibility for citizen security in 84% of the total and in the territorial sea. To carry out its tasks it has more than 77,000 people and 2,000 Posts.

The main mission of the Civil Guard is to guarantee the protection of citizens against criminal acts that may threaten them, ensure compliance with the laws, bringing to justice anyone who breaches them, defend the free exercise of rights and freedoms and preserve citizen security.

Likewise, the Benemérita's mission is to provide care and assistance to citizens through collaboration with Civil Protection services, traffic surveillance, nature protection, rescue and aid in the mountains and territorial sea and, in summary, any action that lead to the help, help and protection of citizens.

Specific missions

The Civil Guard, in addition to Citizen Security and those related to Investigation, has a series of specific missions such as the control of weapons and explosives; the Fiscal Protection of the State; traffic on interurban roads, except in those Autonomous Communities that have it assumed; security in ports and airports; and the protection of nature, among others.

For the performance of all the missions that the Corps has entrusted, the Civil Guard has more than 77,000 troops, belonging to 25 specialties, among which are: Traffic Group, Nature Protection, Air Service, Cynology, Deactivation of Explosives and Nuclear, Radiological, Biological and Chemical Defense (CBRN), Maritime and Underwater Activities, Mountain Service, Fiscal Service, Weapons Intervention, as well as Investigation Units (Information Service and Judicial Police) and Special Intervention Units (UEI , UAR and ARS).

Currently, the Civil Guard is also present abroad, deployed in the different international missions in which it participates, as well as advisory and collaborative work with police from other countries.

The Civil Guard in front of the covid-19

In the two months that have elapsed since the State of Alarm was decreed, the Civil Guard has been dedicated both to ensuring compliance with mobility restrictions and to providing assistance to citizens, especially to the most vulnerable groups that in many Sometimes they live in isolation and have been unable to access basic services.

Specifically, 6 million people have been identified, more than 1,100 people have been arrested, some 270,000 have been reported and more than 125,000 vehicles have been intercepted.

On the other hand, 90,000 actions have been carried out related to victims of gender violence, 31,000 meetings and visits to nursing homes and medical centers, and almost 50,000 humanitarian and aid services.


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