The Civil Guard continues to ensure normal operation in industrial estates, agricultural and livestock farms and rural areas

This activity is framed within the essential routine tasks carried out by the Civil Guard in relation to the prevention of citizen security.

The Alicante Civil Guard continues to ensure the normal operation of essential services and of the activity carried out in industrial estates and in agricultural and livestock farms.

After the cessation of non-essential activities decreed during the period of Easter, which in the Valencian Community ended last Tuesday as it was a holiday on Monday 13, the Alicante Civil Guard continues to guarantee the safety and normal operation of companies that have resumed its activity, both in industrial estates and in agricultural and livestock farms.

An example is the industrial estate of La Granadina, in San Isidro, which houses great activity of companies related to the food sector, from whose warehouses products are distributed to supermarkets and department stores.

There our agents help transporters to carry out their work without any impediment, at the same time that they clarify any doubts that may arise, such as the location of the supply points available along the road network.

Interviews are also carried out with the security guards of the companies, in which they are reminded of the telephones they can call in case of emergencies and the predisposition of the Civil Guard to attend to incidents that may arise.

Another sector that is taken into account is agriculture and livestock, so important for food supply. In this case, the example of a pig farm is given, with the same purpose of verifying that the activity is developing with complete normality.

Finally, vigilance continues to be constant in the surroundings of rural areas, with special dedication to areas where farms are located and irrigated areas through which fundamental channels such as the irrigation channel of the Tajo-Segura transfer run.

For more information, you can contact the Civil Guard's Peripheral Communication Office, at 96 514 56 60 ext. 446 – 406 and 680,416,220.


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