The Civil Guard continues with the distribution of food and medicine to vulnerable people

In the Gijón Commandery they have distributed more than 800 deliveries of food and medicine to vulnerable people in this situation of isolation

Likewise, in Valencia more than 800 liters of dairy products have been distributed among various nursing homes and the Red Cross

The Civil Guard continues to distribute medicines and food to vulnerable people. This type of services have been reinforced to attend to the citizen due to the health alarm decreed in the country, especially in localities whose population experiences a greater degree of dissemination both due to the remoteness of these municipalities from the larger population centers, such as due to the advanced age of its inhabitants, who in turn lack their own means of transportation.

Gijón Civil Guard Command

In this sense, since the movement restrictions began and the isolation was decreed, the Gijón Command, maintains the constant distribution of both medicines and food to vulnerable people who may need our support.
Both the dependent patients of the Valle del Nalón Hospital and those of the Arriondas Hospital who require medications for their ailments or illnesses, are at all times assisted by the Civil Guard, with a systematic distribution of their medications. In the case of the Valle del Nalón Hospital with a distribution two days a week (Tuesday and Thursday), and in the Arriondas Hospital with a distribution on demand of their requests. In this way, 184 deliveries have been made to date.
For this, the Civil Guard maintains constant communication with said hospitals, such as pharmacies and medical personnel to offer support in the event of any needs that may arise.
Likewise, daily communication is maintained with Social Services and nursing homes, which have already carried out more than 600 distribution of food and basic necessities.
The Civil Guard appreciates the support received from these people, such as the case of a boy from the town of Laviana, who when the medicines were delivered, waited for the agents with a plate of cookies he had made with his mother. When the batch of medications was distributed yesterday to said minor, he was presented with a special diploma "stay at home" in recognition of the effort during this situation of the State of Alarm.
For more information, contact the Gijón Commander's Press Office at numbers 669849829 and 628157004.

Command of the Civil Guard in Valencia

Likewise, the Civil Guard of Valencia has distributed in Gandía more than 800 liters of dairy products to the Red Cross and to two nursing homes, one in the town of Oliva and the other in Palma de Gandia, thanks to the donation of a company from Gandía that carried out to the Barracks.
Since the start of the state of alarm, the Civil Guard of Valencia has intensified the effort in rural areas to provide the necessary support to all citizens, especially the most vulnerable people.
For more information you can call the Peripheral Communication Office (OPC), of the Valencia Civil Guard, at 96-317.46.60 Ext. 379 0 690946837.


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