The Civil Guard delivers rehabilitation materials, food, medicine and school supplies in various rural areas

In Azuqueca de Henares and Brihuela (Guadalajara) rehabilitation material has been delivered to two children with functional diversity

In Asturias, the Civil Guard continues with the distribution of food and school supplies to students from more isolated areas, and with the weekly delivery of food to a residence in the town of Salinas (Asturias)

The Civil Guard continues with the delivery of all kinds of sanitary materials, medicines, food and school supplies in the various rural areas and more isolated areas of the national geography.

In this sense, the Civil Guard of the Gijón Command maintains constant communication with official organizations, offering support and support in relation to any need that may arise, such as the distribution of school supplies or even "school tasks" such as those carried out in the municipality of Corvera de Asturias, where the tasks were distributed to several children of the CP Las Vegas or Cangas de Onís, where weekly assignments are made to students with difficulty connecting to the Internet in local centers -Institute Rey Pelayo and C.P. Reconquest-. Since the beginning of the confinement, school materials have been distributed to more than 40 students from various centers in the region.

As for the distribution of medicines, more than 280 deliveries have been made to date by this Command of the Civil Guard. At the Salinas Post, agents transport food purchased weekly by the staff of a local nursing home. This distribution began on April 4. The Civil Guard, who maintained close daily contact with the residences of the town, was aware that given the tightening of the restrictions imposed by the State of Alarm, they needed help to move the purchase they make weekly in a supermarket in the area. So this week, like the previous ones, the agents went to the shopping center to collect the food that they then brought to the residence.
In this constant contact with the population furthest from the towns, located in the rural area, the Civil Guard also tries to be at the disposal of its citizens. In this way, it carries out actions that, simple as they may seem, in the current circumstances, it is impossible for them to carry out various groups such as elderly people who live alone. This is the case of the purchase of batteries for a hearing aid from a neighbor of the rural parish of Gijón. This person, who lives with his wife in an isolated house, and without the possibility of moving himself, made the agents aware of their need on one of the numerous visits they made to his home since the morning of the past day 31 March, they requested our presence after having a domestic accident and requesting help.
In the Guadalajara Command, the Civil Guard has transferred from the Public School of Special Education "Virgen del Amparo" in this capital, specific material for rehabilitation therapy (a standing person and a walker) to two children with functional diversity with brain damage , to their homes in the towns of Azuqueca de Henares and Brihuega.
This sanitary aid has been carried out at the request of the Physiotherapy Team of the educational center, so that these children with special needs receive this material, since due to the suspension of educational activity due to the state of alarm they have not received physiotherapeutic treatment since the past month of March. Thanks to the initiative of the College and the transfer of the material by the Civil Guard, it will allow families to have a resource at home to facilitate the autonomy of children and work with them on their motor skills.
It is not the first time that the Civil Guard during the current State of Alarm has collaborated with the Guadalajara Delegation of Education attending to a specific need. Likewise, other humanitarian services have been carried out with the objective of providing aid to the most vulnerable groups.


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