The Civil Guard denounces 18 people for sharing locations of mobility controls in two WhatsApp groups

On the other hand, in La Rioja, two people have been arrested for placing nails on the road to cause traffic accidents.

In the town of Villanueva del Río y Minas (Seville), agents have arrested two people for stealing and drugging a neighbor.

The Oviedo Civil Guard has denounced 18 people sharing locations and images of mobility controls in WhatsApp groups. On the other hand, in La rioja, the agents have arrested two people who put nails on the road to cause traffic accidents; and in the town of Villanueva del Rio y Minas (Seville), the Civil Guard has arrested two other people for drugging a neighbor to rob him.

WhatsApp groups

The Civil Guard of Oviedo, within the established services that are being carried out to control compliance with the R.D. 463/2020, has proposed to sanction eighteen people who, using mobile applications, hung photographs of controls carried out by agents to alert users of these applications of the place where they were being carried out.
Since last April, Luarca agents investigated the creation in the area of ​​WhatsApp groups that alerted to the position of the controls and verification points established by the Civil Guard to control unjustified movements during the state of alarm and thus avoid the spread of COVID-19.
As a result of the investigations, the agents managed to enter two groups, "GREEN THROUGH THE AREA" with 245 users and "SOCIAL COAÑA" with 253 users, whose purpose was to disseminate the position of the controls and movements of the Civil Guards belonging to the Luarca Company, as well as the patrols of the Traffic Group of the Civil Guard and even the Luarca Local Police.
These almost 500 users can in turn share this information with their friends or in other groups, so the dissemination of the devices made by the Civil Guard is incalculable. In these groups, in addition to sharing the location of the controls that were carried out, they shared license plates of official vehicles and photographs of the start of the Agents' service in the Barracks.
With this type of dissemination groups, damage is carried out that affects us all, since the established controls, in addition to monitoring unjustified movements to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 infections, are carried out to prevent the circulation of drivers in state of intoxication, which can cause serious accidents, to intercept the possible perpetrators of robberies in establishments or second residences, to prevent the traffic of narcotic substances, etc.
So far the Civil Guard has made eighteen proposals for administrative sanction for infringement of article 36.23 of Organic Law 4/2015 on the protection of Citizen Security for the unauthorized use of images of members of the FFCCSS that may endanger the personal security of the agents or at risk the success of an operation, especially being found the State of Alarm. The financial penalty for infringement of this article of L.O 4/2015, can range between € 601 and € 30,000.
For more information, please contact the Peripheral Communication Office (O.P.C) of the Civil Guard of the Oviedo Command, Telf. ​​985-11.90.00, ext. 3144 / 636.24.58.71

Nails on the road to cause accidents

The Civil Guard has arrested two people in La Rioja as alleged perpetrators of a crime against Road Safety, having placed a large number of nails on the road with the intention of causing accidents or causing damage to vehicles. In addition, both people have been administratively denounced for drug possession on public roads and for skipping confinement.
The action was carried out on LR-340 in the municipality of Alesón (La Rioja). Agents of the Citizen Security Service who were traveling along the aforementioned road detected two individuals who, upon realizing their presence, fled on foot.
Once their extensive criminal history was intercepted and verified, their belongings were searched, and a large mace and 20 steel nails were found in their possession, and both persons could not justify the reason for carrying the effects, the agents discovered in the point where the flight began, a total of 21 nails of the same characteristics hammered into the asphalt and another 33 pierced in a cardboard that had been glued to the road with American tape.
After this fact, both people were arrested for having created a serious risk to traffic by placing unpredictable obstacles on the road (points stuck in the asphalt).
For the expansion or confirmation of any other information, you can contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Civil Guard of La Rioja, on the phone 650478299,

Drugging to steal from a neighbor

The Civil Guard, within the services it carries out to pay special attention to especially vulnerable groups since the declaration of the state of alarm, has carried out an investigation that has clarified a robbery with force that had suffered a handicapped neighbor of Villanueva del Río y Minas (Seville).
One of the alleged authors of the act posed as ATS of the Social Services of the Villanueva del Río y Minas City Council, earning the victim's trust. She visited him daily and gave him some type of sedative medication to later withdraw its effects, this he did in the company of the other alleged perpetrator of the events.
The Civil Guard, after initiating the pertinent investigation, managed to intercept the alleged perpetrators when they left their home and went to exchange the effects for narcotic substances, recovering the stolen effects. Among the stolen items were the victim's bank cards, with which they took money, once they found out the PIN.
Finally, the Civil Guard arrested these people and recovered a valuable gold watch, a mobile phone, numerous jewels and a collection of old coins, which were recognized by the victim as his own. They had even stolen clothing and bedding.
The detainees FJ.C.G and M.C.C, both residents of the town of Villanueva del Río y Minas, of legal age, have been placed together with the proceedings carried out at the disposal of the Guard Court of Lora del Río.


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