The Civil Guard denounces 83 people who gathered to carry out a clandestine cockfight

At the time of being surprised by the agents, the assistants were huddled around the "ring" or fighting place of the animals, without keeping the most basic safety distance or using hygienic means (masks or gloves)

The events have taken place in Palmar de Troya (Seville)

The Civil Guard has proceeded to denounce 83 people in a meeting of 120 in which they bet on cockfights.

The events took place when the agents learned of an alleged meeting in order to carry out a clandestine cockfight on rustic land in the municipality of El Palmar de Troya. Made different steps, the investigators located the exact place where the fight was taking place.
Once the Civil Guard arrived at the scene, they surprised a crowd of more than 120 people, all of them gathered around a gangster made for this purpose, under an awning tent, who, when they were surprised, began to flee.
It should be noted that at the time of being surprised, the attendees of the meeting were huddled around the "ring" or fighting place of the animals, without keeping the most basic safety distance or using hygienic means (masks or gloves).
After a few moments of tension and once the situation was normalized, for which it had the support of several units of agents, the Civil Guard identified 83 people, most of them with a police record for crime and drugs.
After the eye inspection, the agents observed that in a garage there were metal cages and wooden boxes with roosters, which were going to be used in the following combats, as well as seven dead roosters, with evident signs of having died during the fight. In principle, the dead animals lack identification marks, making it difficult at this time to know the identity of the owners, so an eye and photographic inspection is being carried out for further investigation.
Regardless of the cockfight, the place used for this activity had an infrastructure, such as barbecues, rows of joined tables, with food and drink.
For all this, the Civil Guard proceeds according to what legally proceeds in such a situation, in the following ways:
– Report the people identified for non-compliance with the measures established in the declaration of the state of alarm,
– Report violations of law 2/86 and concordant decree on gambling and betting in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia.
– Investigation for crimes of animal abuse for the death of the fighting cocks during the fight between them, the owner of the farm as organizer of the event, and analysis to clarify the owners of the dead animals. Among them the owner of the farm.
– Study of the origins of some of the roosters in case they had been stolen.

Spanish fighter cock

The avian species of "Spanish fighting cock" is a highly valued variety of cock, its breeding and animal registration being regulated by the Autonomous Community of Andalusia. Some specimens reach a high market price for their purity, the thefts of this type of animals being quite frequent on farms in the province of Seville; reason why the possibility exists that some of these animals could have been removed.
The ultimate goal of the clanging of these clandestine fights is money bets, with large amounts of cash. Some of the denounced, carried amounts greater than 5000 and 6000 euros as well as several annotations that reflect betting data. The money that could move the bets in view of the amounts in cash that the identified ones carried, would exceed 40,000 euros.


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