The Civil Guard denounces a person for camping with his car in the Picos de Europa

The hiker was located by the Civil Guard helicopter

The Civil Guard has denounced a person who was camping with his car in the Asturian part of the Picos de Europa. The Helicopter Unit (UHEL) of the Civil Guard in Asturias located the defendant's vehicle at a fork in the track that connects the town of Sotres (Asturias) with the Post of Áliva (Cantabria), specifically in an area known as the Llomba del Toro.

Members of the Mountain Group (GREIM) of Cangas de Onís later met the hiker, who stated that he had been camping in his vehicle since February and that he knew that the state of alarm had been decreed.

Inspecting the area, the agents observe a large number of boxes with rubbish, empty containers and hanging clothes, which corroborate their long stay.

After verifying that he is domiciled in Gijón (Asturias), the Civil Guard proceeds to report the obligation to go to his home immediately.

For more information, you can contact the Press Office of the Civil Guard in Gijón, by phone at 669489829.


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