The Civil Guard denounces the driver of a van for irregularly transporting pork

It transported channels of fresh pork that were transported without proper sanitary and health guarantees

The merchandise, which was transported from Barcelona to Navarra, for its introduction into the food chain, was declared unfit for human consumption.

The Civil Guard has denounced the driver of a van that transported channels of fresh pork meat intended for human consumption without complying with the proper sanitary and health conditions.

The events occurred on May 5, when agents belonging to the Traffic Sector of the Civil Guard of Aragon were carrying out an identification control of vehicles and people in order to verify compliance with the restrictions established in the current state of alarm. , on the A-23, near Huesca.

During the inspection of a van, occupied by a person, the agents found channels of fresh pork, which were transported without the due sanitary and health guarantees that this type of transport should govern, in the same way that there was no regulation temperature since it is not a vehicle adapted to transport perishable goods.

Given this irregularity, the Civil Guard required the presence of an inspector from the Health Department of the Government of Aragon to evaluate and determine the suitability of the merchandise intended for human consumption.

The driver transferred this merchandise from Barcelona to Navarra where it would be put on sale to the public for its introduction into the food chain.

Once the meat was verified by the Health inspector, it was decreed that it was not suitable for human consumption as it did not comply with the sanitary guarantees related to the hygiene of food products, so its destruction was ordered.

For these facts, the driver was denounced for an infraction to the transport of perishable goods destined for human consumption.

For any doubt or clarification in relation to the content of this note, you should contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Civil Guard in Zaragoza, telephone 696 95 77 82.


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